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WEB2.0 and backlinks


I am using WEB2.0 and it works OK, I am just missing some option in GSA search engine so it will work great.

1. Right now, every Article has an URL pointing to my main site and this look like a spam blog where every single Article has a link to the same site (My site), even with the new option to add random URL to authority sites, it still look unnatural to have a link to my main site in every Article. It can really help if we can set how much articles to post before adding a link. Like for example every 5th Article get a link to my site.

2. As well, currently, I did open an new campaign for WEB2.0 so I can set the campaign to stop posting after X articles per day that are verified, the issue is that GSA will post in total X article and then stop, for example some blog will get, at once, 4 Articles and others will get none. In this case I would prefer to have a limit per blog, let say that every blog (a specific blog domain name) get a maximum of 3 Articles per day and then stop posting.

Those 2 changes can transform WEB2.0 with GSA Search engines to a powerful WEB2.0 tool.

What do you think about those changes?



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