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Please Help Me For HIgh CPU Usage up to 99% !!!


why my cpu usage its very very high up to 99% 
look this pictures "
help me for give the solve 



  • its not the thread count for sure. but apart from that you didn't tell us much about your machine and what software is running on that.

    ask yourself how should anyone give an answer to your question when you give no relevant information at all??!
  • On top of what @Ozz said, I have found that it is not uncommon for SER to use 99% CPU. Mine does quite often (with many projects).
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    i'm experiencing similiar issue, with i5 core and 4GB memory, i usually use 100 threads and it's stable and run well, but since 5.73 it always telling me that "out of memory", i'm look out at process it consumes +-90% memory usage, this is really unusual, then crash and need to restart the app, i lowered thread till 20, it occured again, something's wrong with the new version...
  • hello @ozz I apologize for my question is not so complete I use GSA SER and the specs of my computer  ttp:// and :-)

    Hello @ DavidA2 I only use the most, about 20 thread yes this happened after I updated the software to the GSA is a newer version before no problem

  • I am experiencing this also, I have a top spec vps with more than enough memory and cpu pwoer to run 2 instances of gsa at 100 threads. Everything has been fine for a while and now recently I am getting this run out of memory please lower threads and campiagns even at 25 threads with 3 campaigns.
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