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Awaiting Account verification - Thousands of links won't verify

I have been a lot of submissions to SN and article sites but my problem is that the "Submitted" links just keep increasing while the "verified" has stood really low(In numbers). For example for all 5 projects, between 4000 and 7000 links are submitted while only 250-500 are verified. And this was never the case. I have successfully in the past had verified links in excess of 4K to5K(unique domains). Can somebody please shed some light on this? Here are my settings :

- Different hotmail for each project(NOT catchall)

- Thread : 250

- Proxies : 30



  • manually check if post successfully and if links are inserted.
  • I did check but that only leads only to the root domain of the target sites, not post pages. I check though my log and I found this : 

    08:31:40: [-] 69/95 login not possible/awaiting verification (sorry, unrecognized username or password) -

    Can someone pls comment?

    Thank you
  • SvenSven
    If you have a look in the submitted urls, you will se its waiting for an email with a verification link e.g. If that doesn't arrive it will still try after some time to login again but it will most likely fail.
  • @Sven, could there be any reasons the emails are not arriving cos I do have a lot of this awaiting verification and they never used to be this much in previous times. Also in my submitted links, I found this :

    Thank you
  • have you set the spam folder in email account correctly to redirect to inbox?
  • SvenSven
    That junk url stuff shoul dbe fixed since some versions. Delete that if you want.
  • Yes...i bought 1K gmail accounts from here longtime ago(They have the spamfolder redirect option) and I am still using that.
  • This problem is still not solved people. My verified is still really really low. Now I have been running this project for 3 days and I have 400 Verified. In the past, I would already have 2k to 3k verified. Please some body help.
  • same here - same thing checked my submitted and about half are awaiting verification - but still getting some verified - all I have done for email is use mailnesia accounts - I added ten at beginning of project and non are blacklisted yet. Not sure what we can do at this point.
  • Its pretty much articles, dokuwiki, coppermine, drigg, dolphin, drupal, jcow, moinmoin, most wikis, moodle, oxwall and WP article directories - so a lot of heavy content stuff we are missing,  I have been searching but have not found anything yet as far as taking next step to troubleshoot this issue. Thanks
  • SvenSven
    The problem with mailnesia is, that they block your IP very soon if you use too many accounts.
  • Hi 


    Verified links are 20%- 30% not much more.

    40 Proxies
  • Same issue here, took over 800 successful submissions from over a week ago and used them for a new project this past weekend, and had 30 successful out of the prior 800. Using catchall emails, private proxies etc etc....
  • @Sven

     Can you take a look at this? This is becoming a real and major issue and I have also seen a few other threads poping up about this issue.

    Thank you
  • I continue to get lots of :

    - login failed and
    - login not possible/awaiting verification (sorry, unrecognized username or password)
  • SvenSven
    the drupal engine has a longer verification time now...might be just that as of course you will see an increase of sites with "awaiting verification email" and no email ever arrives. Nothing special!
  • Sven, I don't think that is the case. Verified links have dwindled down from 2K upwards to only 700/800+ . And I have tried everything possible to abate the situation but all to no avail. You can see other threads complaining about the same thing. It might be that some of the engines updated or something got broken. I don't know if i am left with anything else on my side that could help the situation.
  • SvenSven
    Thats all just a subjective feeling, I need facts to work with. I don't see anything getting broken from last versions as I didn't change anything on verification part.
  • I don't think so. Perhaps the problem is not from the verification part but definitely something is broken. If 4 weeks ago I could get 2k plus links(both SN and Article) and this time i could only get 800+ links using same exact settings and under same exact conditions...something has to be wrong. What facts would you need? logs, settings...?
  • Site owners are getting smarter and adding additional protection, recaptcha and etc.
  • SvenSven
    If you think there is something definitely broken you can at least deliver some samples. Else it's just a suspect thing.
  • so what we do just leave it submitted links or manually remove it after few days?
  • edited May 2013
    I have the same issue, most of the links are awaiting account verification! it has been 3 days since the project has been active
  • the same issue here.
  • I have the same issue and BTW still getting the junk email popping up which I need to delete in the email settings page.
  • same issue here, almost 3k  submittet but only 200 verified
  • 1, all you mean account submitted success not POST?
    2, if so, random select and try to register manual and see if get email.  if got, need to check engine/ip etc.
    3, try another email like domain email, hotmail , gmail or other.
    4, use another ip, some ip blacked.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Blog comments are the worst for that.

    A lot of blogs, ser will add a comment and they never get approved or the blog owners never check the comments

  • Blog comments even not get correct url to verify, they often got to another page after more comments coming.
  • I would be asking for refund because it doesn't seems to be working. I am really very fraustrating because this prog. if only ding blog comments etc spam all over. But not articles and bookmarking etc. I wasted about $20 on captchas and gets only 500 submission...98% keep saying awaiting account verification. while I can see GSA is verifying link but this number does not reduce.. I don't thing is good sign for this software. Its looks like waste of time and money as well.
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