Must Contain Keyword Option!

@Sven, Could you add an option which deletes URL's that do not contain your project's keyword?

For example, In my tier 1 I set the following keywords:

buy server
buy server now
buy gsa today


After verification and etc.. When I check my verified URL's I noticed that I am still getting URL's which are linking to generic text, [empty], or anchors with my money site url (This is due to the site admin disabling HTML/BB-Code).

So now Im building links to backlinks which carry no value as far as helping me with my rankings.

I create separate project's just for the sake of generic text, etc.. So I don't want to include these in my tier 1's.

I think this would be an essential setting to have within the project menu. 


  • SvenSven

    You mean as filter for "use verified urls from..." ?

  • Hi Sven, I was actually talking about the anchors, For example, lt would say something like this "Keep links with specified anchors ONLY" .

    That would mean if the verified links did not contain the anchors you inserted in your project, GSA will delete them once it re-verify's the verified links.

    Here is an example of my tier one project:

    None of those are my targeted anchors, so it would be pointless to continue to build links to these links since they do not have my keyword.
  • SvenSven
    why don't you disable the engines who do not use your anchor text instead?
  • why do you want to built tiers to "just profile" platforms anyway?
  • edited April 2013
    @Sven, I actually do, but its not a platform thing, its more of a site specific thing. Some admin's disable this on purpose, some script developers enable this on newer version's of the scripts, etc..

    @Ozz I don't want to build tiers to just profiles. I actually have 9 different platforms selected. Before taking the screen shot I clicked on the "Anchor text" tab so that it would arrange all the irrelevant anchors I was talking bout together. If I scrolled down further you would see all the other platforms im using. I  purposely did this for 2 reasons:

    1) to show Sven what I was talking about.
    2) I won't have to blur out my keywords
  • my bad, the screenshot was just misleading to me in this context.
  • @Ozz, its cool..
  • @Sven,

    Would you consider adding this?
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