Which Dedicated Server will be able to handle 2 million+ submissions per day?

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I am planning to build around 2 million Links per day PER project and I want this to be done for 1000+ projects. Ofcourse I have my site lists ready so no time would be wasted by GSA for searching for targets.

Now my question is which dedicated server should I go for and how much specs do you think is needed to build links at the FASTEST rate. Assume there is no limit on the budget. I want to have a beast system so I could make use of GSA 

Let me know please and check out http://poweruphosting.com/cheap-dedicated-servers/ (Copy paste the link in ur address bar as its redirecting to other page if clicked) for the dedicated servers which I am thinking off

PS: I wont be running all projects at once. Will be using scheduler. So my main concern is the speed of building the links



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    Your post made me laugh, thanks for the chuckle.
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    I have a few affiliate links that I want to post. Can I?
  • You should have a link on every page on the internet in no time at all!
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    then you want to build 2 000 000 000 links per days ?? Are you planning to create 1000's of links on the same domains or you have the world wide web on your site lists ? :D
  • I would start by asking Google to borrow a couple of their server farms.
  • ronron SERLists.com

    @hoolak, helping you is above my pay-grade. Maybe you can help me?

  • I wouldn't want your DBC bill :D
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    2 billion links per day?


    Good luck with that...
  • try www.exmasters.com ..they have very good server .
  • @OP what sort of links are you planing. web 2.0/social/secondry links.

    for social links, its possible to get around 30-50k verified/day on 1 server
    for secondary links (comments,guestbook etc) 200-300k submission/day without verify on 1 server

    Right now GSA-SER is limited to 2GB memory so a monster server is of no use. You need multiple servers to get your target.

    pm me if you need a link to bulletproof server provider.
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    For those who are thinking I am kidding..

    Its very much possible to build that many links(Done it before) and I already have a huge list of verified site lists. It took me a month to prepare that and most of them will be blog comments ofcourse with mix of other platforms. 

    So to make my question sound simple..I just wanted to ask "What are the PC requirements to run GSA with fastest and highest number of threads"
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    So you've done it before, but you don't even know what type of server to buy?
  • @hoolak - I would look at getting a monster server and partition it out into multiple vms and run a separate copy of ser on each vm.

    I built a custom piece of software to keep track of everything and automate the whole process over multiple vms. it has worked rather well. the person I built it for has around 20+ vms and all he does is drop projects in one folder and they get sent to the right vm and then when it's done it makes a report and gets a new one.

    let me know VIA PM if you want to know more.
  • @theorbital any ideas how many projects they have in total on that setup?
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    hoolak: "Let me know please and check out": [Link to Exclusive Discount for GSA Customers]

    Is it just me, or does it look like blatant (self-) promotion here. 
    [-X  $-)
  • @spunko2010 - one project at a time for each instance of ser. it's amazing how fast it goes when it only has one to worry about.
  • @theorbital I would like more detail on how that is set up using vm's on a dedi as that may be the way I want to try as I am moving to a dedi to speed up things a little because my vps although fantastic could be better. If you could pm me any detail on how that was setup and the specialised management tools you wrote for it that would be appreciated. thanks NR
  • poweruphostingpoweruphosting Los Angeles
    For that you need multiple servers and multiple copies of GSA.
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