How to add proxies?

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I've already watched the youtube video on this but I'm still having trouble.

I got 10 fully private proxies where I need to login to the user panel first, and then I can use the proxies as long as i remain on that IP.

1)I logged into my proxy panel.

2) I entered the proxies in a text file with the following format:

I clicked on add proxy-->import from file (login:password@host:port)

(this is the option that seemed to put everything in the correct--I tried every possible combination of options. I even tried importing without the username/password)

After that I clicked on test, but every time it said NOT WORKING.

Please help.


  • OzzOzz
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    i think you misspelled something in your post as to save the proxies in

    and try to import with import from file

    doesn't make sense as you have to import them as

    also against what url/string are you testing? maybe the proxy is blocked from this test site.
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    I got it to work. I was just using my old proxies that were already expired last time. My bad

    BTW, is it up to me to manually label these as "private" in the proxy editor in order for them to work when I check on private in the options area?
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