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Any SER user from S.E. Asia using VPS? Need recommendation!

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One of the main problems using window VPS in SE Asia is the internet speed. Currently the best speed in my area is between 5-7mbps. I installed SER on a windows VPS two weeks ago. Performance is fine. But using Remote Desktop Connection is very lagging. I mean I have to wait several seconds every time I click on any command in SER. File transfer is obviously very slow (copy and paste the SER content).

If you are from SE Asia and have good connection to your VPS via RDC, I would like to know your provider. Will increasing the number of cores or memory help in improving the connection between VPS and RDC? My current configuration is a single core, 2GB RAM, and 100Mbps.


  • OzzOzz
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    maybe you find some decent vps at
    i'm sure there some good providers in hong kong for example.
  • I'm in Thailand. I use GSA on a dedicated server based in France (OVH). It works fine.
  • Thanks Ozz abd arkant1 for your response. I will check them out.
  • Looking for some reliable VPS in Asia (near Philippines especially) too - any feedback is appreciated a lot! :)
  • OzzOzz
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    same advice: visit webhostingtalk and search for "asia" or "philippines" within the forum. 

    however, if you are lucky than some SER user of that specific area/country will read this and can give you better advices. until then i fear you have to research and test by yourself :(

    Edit: you can also give google search a try with "vps hosting" OR "vps hoster"
    for example. maybe you are able to find a suitable provider.
  • Already went through most of those and wrote a few - awaiting reply - but the probability that someone here is already using a VPS in Asia is higher. :)

    Who we found and contacted: (singapore)
    OVH (only linux tho)

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    mmtj : I think the pb is not the VPS (if you get a good one). I think it is because of the pretty bad internet connection you have in Chiang Mai. Try to get a good internet provider (TOT, etc). For a good dedicated server i recommend OVH (kimsufi), you can get one with Windows server 2008.
  • @zuluranger I have positive experience with and (not using them with GSA, but something else), they both are in HK, acceptable international speed in my opinion, I feel saaki to be a little bit faster than 38cloud.
  • thanks for your recommendation arkant1, kaene

    mmtj I heard many good comments about oneasiahost but the bandwidth for their kvm package is limited to 1000GB. And they charge $2 for every 100GB. 

  • anyone using VPS with RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Acceleration?
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