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[Script] Profil Web 2.0 - How to code a Profil engine (Noob Friendly)

edited April 2013 in New Engines/Platforms
I want to start a new project with the help of the community.
The site I like to script an engine for is called "Eater"

1) Choose the first article, For example The Eater French Fry Heatmap: The Hottest New French Fries Across America

2) On POST A COMMENT section, Click Register as a commenter

3) After clicking, this form appears

Try to find the following forms and names with firebug.
- form id: No form ID found.
- get the names of all visible text fieldss
- find the name of the register sign up button.

We have to write down all the names that are used in the registration form.
Email Adress => user[email]
=> user[screenname]
Password => user[password]
Password again => user[password_confirmation]

We also see the form name in the source code
<input name="commit" type="submit" value="Sign up">

My script template

default checked=0
engine type=MyEngines-Profil
description=Creates a Profil entry on
url must have=*://**
fixed url=

form url=/users
form name=*commit|*Sign up
user[email]=%your e-mail%
;submit success=
;submit failed=
;submit success skip verify=

Pb: My script don't work !  it does not find the right form. Can you help me?

Here is the log

[-] match: 000, name: FORM 1, id: , url:
[-] match: 000, name: FORM 2, id: , url:
[-] match: 000, name: FORM 3 - GO, id: , url:
[+] match: 000, name: FORM 4 - Subscribe, id: , url:
[-] match: 000, name: FORM 5 - Go, id: , url:

NB: Next post will, after good registering, we will see how to change the profile to obtain backlink  :)>-



  • first off, nice thread :)

    i'm not exactly sure if "form url=/users" is correct. a "form url=*/users" should be better i believe, but that said i don't see any "/users" in the url when trying to register an account with your example url for instance. 
    maybe try something like "form url=**" and as "form name=comment-signup-form*Sign up".

    that said I'm out of practice with scripting so don't think everything i say is correct ;)
  • SvenSven
    Thats not really a good target for scripting im afraid. Try to disable javascript and you don't get that far. The form urls are just a dummy thing. The real login/registration seem to happen elsewhere.
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