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5Day Trial Results

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i came across SER in the first place cause it was mentioned in the same thread as scrapebox just a couple of days later when i bought scrapebox already,

So i watched all the training videos for SER and setup one campaign, with around 60% of the platforms, setting it up took me acutally the longest time, but then lots of feature which needs to be filled correctly, i liked that SER claims to say it doesnt everything on autopilot which i appreciate a lot.

I guess by tommo my 5 Day trial will end, and even thou i really would like to support a german developer crew, the results or SER are way less then i thought, i admit it might be that i had some wrong settings, but went over it like 20 times and dont see anything wrong,

So after letting running SER for something like 50 hours alltogether my SER provided me with a lousy 36 backlinks, and most of them where in some indexer sites which just have the domainname and deliver some vital stats from the domain,

So my impression is actually that SER does indeed have potential, but biggest program i believe is that the search terms are not much related to the keywords, although that could be problem of SE cause lets face it since google came up with that stupid penguin update their results sucks balls and are often not related to what i was searching.

however i really loved that bugfixes where done within days, and thats its under active development the forum delivered quick answers to all the questions i had, i might give SER another shot one day, but as of now it doesnt seem to do any good for the money

thx for the trial thou,


  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    let me guess:
    - public proxies and bad configuration of those

    let me ask:
    - why you activated "Fast Indexer" if you don't want them?
    - what filters (OBL, PR) and settings? Screenshots would be helpful to analyze your project.
  • ?? you are doing it wrong.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Your loss if you don't use it!
  • @Ozz

    jupp i am sorta new to this, so i used public proxies what SER could find, however i tested via SER before i started and used only the ones with speed of less then 10 sec. all others i deleted right away

    i activated Fast Indexer in the beginning of the project, since for the test i wanted to give it the best shot i could give, so i had most enabled, Articles, Forum, Pic Post, Guestbook, Refferer, Indexer bla bla,
    over time i changed the settings of the project and removed the Fast Indexer and other things which i didnt wanted to, however had the feeling SER was still publshing to them, but might be something it harvested before, hence its more then okay to finish the task which has been started already.

    As search engines i had most US, and GB ones enabled

    Although i have to admit that i dont have any captha service yet, since i just started out with that the whole well ... blackhat thingie

    i ll attach screenshot of the settings, maybe you have some idea of what i did terribly wrong

    the image of the settings is here


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Read the FAQ and do exactly as it says. Then post your results. By not doing that it's like not following a recipe and wondering why it doesn't taste like you expected. :)
  • Well no captcha services is a big problem as nearly everything except blogs use a captcha, and most things without a captcha are either heavily human moderated (eg will fail if you are just using default content) or spam dumps, so probably dont have any PR, so fail that filter, or a ton of outbound links, so will fail on that.

    Also, if you are getting low results why add a 'pause after 100 submissions...".

    Lastly, what do you have against cats?
  • Private proxies, captcha sniper + paid captcha service, correct settings...
  • I would echo what others have is not SER that had the problem. There are many people using it that get WAY MORE results than that (IE - I got over 1400 verified links yesterday alone! - and am not really running it super hard.)
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012

    - as m3ownz said to stop pausing the project if you are not satisfied with the results makes no sense
    - "also analyse" will give you many of those "indexer" links regardless of your settings. i would uncheck this because of that (or did this changed by now??!! correct me if i'm wrong).

    i'm assuming that your proxy-settings are also far from optimal. if you are using public proxies than i would use this as a guideline:
    - use proxies just for posting. do the searching with your home connection. it is safe and if you're using google-search in private a lot, than disable google from the SEs
    - test the public proxies providers one by one and keep the best. set the timeout setting for proxies <5s. the lesser, the better. if you have some good providers than you can get +500 proxies/day with <3s timeout easily.

    all in all i  can understand that you don't want to invest too much in software in the beginning. GSA is a great product to get a ton of backlinks, but to get good results you need at least some shared proxies and Captcha Sniper. if you really want to get into this than buy some shared proxies for 1 month and see, if it helps. if you got the money than buy CS and you'll get even better results.
  • m3ownz 
    i love cats, just in that project i needed some sort of exclude options otherwise its just tooo misleading,

    well the trial said 100 submissions per hour, so thought it makes sense to check that,

    the also analyse checkbox is enabled since beginning of the project, i disabled it now

    for the last 24h till the trial runs out will try it with the things you recommended i really would like to get this thing working, tbh,


  • Ahh, forgot about that trial restriction.
    If you want to see what it can do in your last 24 hours, do the following:

    Remove blogs (there are thousands but they are often moderated. Not a problem with a full copy, but with a demo that restricts to 100 submissions, its a huge issue as you could easily use your entire hourly quota on moderated (and thus not verified) blogs)
    Remove article sites (these can take days/weeks/months to verify)
    Ideally load up a deathbyCaptcha account with $10 and use that, or set it to manual captcha just so you can get a taste of its power.

    If you do then decide to buy it CaptchaSniper is very much worth the 1 time fee.
  • m3ownz 
    thats sounds like a very good idea,

    i also talked to my hoster, i have one box where i have like 80 different IP s but all same C-class, but those are private nobody else has those ips, so i added those to my SER now, i hope wont get any issues with them getting blacklisted thou, maybe better to buy some, not sure about that,

    will do as you said, and see if something better gets out of the remaining time

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