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Import target URLs by reads the content of a file or URL?

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Is it possible to import target Urls by reading the contents of a file or a URL?
I Yes how can I do that (macros or others?)



  • SvenSven

    1. Click EDIT button and import the URLs here

    2. If the content is changing and you don't want to edit the project, you cna use the macro %file-c:\something.txt%

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    Ok, thanks for your help Sven.
    Yes the content is changing but the content it's not in file.
    The whole content of Urls is accessed via an url.

    I tested with the macro #file=URL but I got this error.

  • SvenSven
    #file is no valid macro
  • don't blame him and just reread your original answer ;)

    @cnhx: use %spinfile-...% instead.

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    %spinfile- Macro does not accept an URL.

    So I think :
       - If the content is changing
       - Don't want to edit the project
    There is no macro to read the contents (target Urls)  from a URL

    Rem : I'm not an English native speaker as well !  I'm French ;)
  • SvenSven
    #file_links is what you need. That accepts an URL.
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    Thank's Sven, It's OK. B-)

    I used this macro in this manner : #file_links[,1,N]
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