Not running at max (or even that high) thread count. (slow) :P

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Tried setting the threads to use anywhere from 20-250 and the same thing. It's always running around 2-4 threads, even 0 at times. Every once in a while it will go up to about 100 threads for a few seconds and haul some booty.


My question is, what do I need to check that could be holding back from being all that it can be?



  • OzzOzz
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    maybe SER has not enough target urls to post to. import urls to projects if possible, add some keywords, maybe delete target history to see if thread count is maxing out again.
  • I deleted the history and it went fast for about 300 submissions and now back to 1 thread. I have a keyword list of about 95k in there. I only have about 2k total submissions.
  • what messages you get in the log? anything odd like just "already parsed" or "download failed" messages?
  • Didn't know that was odd, haha. Yes, a ton of both of those.
  • please search google to get a deeper understanding of those log messages. "download failed" "already parsed"
  • I have the same problem... I'm going through a scraped url list. Using 200 threads, after a minute or two it drops to 60 then after 10 seconds to 50 after 20 seconds to 20 anfter 30 seconds to 10.. and then it takes like 5 minutes AT LEAST till it drops to 0 then BAM 200 threads again. 

    After a minute or so at full speed the story repeats.... it's kinda of annoying cause it's not using all the system resources, just stay most of the time at 10 threads and under till it gets to 0.
  • OzzOzz
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    home connection or VPS? if its a home connection than it might be your router that is going down the hill and can't handle the connections anymore.
  • Nah, that's not the issue, I invested in some proper gear not long ago, got ASUS-N66U router, and also a gigabil pci express network adapter.... connection is a 50 mbit fiberlink line... shouldn't be a problem. Problem is with the software not feeding threads. active threads << max threads. Threads finish and no new ones get started until the active ones drop to 0.
  • @seowizzard I think my problem was that my keyword list for scraping was small and wasn't giving GSA enough to do. Plus, I didn't have a site list as I had just started using it.

    Also, I found out 15 threads is optimal for my VPS. I read a post and started lowering it (and lowering it.....) until the CPU dropped below max. It's actually slower for me at 19 or 20 threads than at 15. Not really relevant to this thread, I don't think, but it was something that helped my speed a little.
  • yeah, it's ok now. Testing a new system at the moment.

    I'm running a 3 tier project, consisting of 9 campaigns, on one I'm testing the identified platforms list (where i imported over 200k urls). The rest of 8 campaigns are building tiered links using only global verified lists.

    I run at 200 threads and I don't see them dropping now at all and building with an average 60 LPM. But I'm not sure about the CPU usage that GSA shows accurately. For me it fluctuates from 25% to 80%. It sometimes goes to 99%. However, when I check the CPU usage from task manager, it's always at 5% to 30%, mostly it's 3 times lower than what GSA shows. Even when it peaks at 99%, task manager never shows more than 30'ish.
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