Are pubic proxies enough or do I need private?

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I was curious, are public proxies enough to get the job done or do i for sure need private proxies, I am getting low links a min but im just curious what does everyone at GSA prefer?

usually i get google proxies from scrapebox and they have been lasting a long time but im not sure though

also if I do buy private proxies how many would i need Im currently running 8 projects this is including all my tiers and everything


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    Do not use public proxies. They are no good for GSA ser. Buy 10 private and you will see a huge difference...
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
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    @ilegit - you need to reed the forums bit more. I think this is possible the single most common question and cause of all trouble!
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    I have good results with basic GSA auto scrape options for proxies and it is OK for home small projects and personal use. If you want speed and 100's threads than you have to use private proxies. I think that with 10 proxies u can run 120 threads with no problems.
  • OzzOzz
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    with public proxies you can increase the thread count by factor 10 or so.
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