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as I noticed some differences as well when trying to create Web20 at full throttle compared to a reduced thread number i thought a "safe mode" might be a usefull feature.

i'm not exactly sure how the safe mode should be defined though. maybe when changing it to that statut then SER will only use up to 10 threads, but less threads if only 6 working proxies available (then 6 threads). html timeout settings could be increased to 180 seconds. maybe all proxies will be checked before submitting. 

when safe mode is in use then all "non-safe-mode" projects will go in pause mode or inactive.

a simple status change would ensure that we don't have to change some settings every time when trying to get best results for Web20s.


  • Or maybe create another module for Web 2.0 only... like a separate module that you can setup all the settings (threads, html, captchas, etc) but only for web 2.0... im thinking something like proxies module where you can test proxies, change proxies settings, etc.. but this is totally separated from what SER is doing... 
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    Perhaps Sven should create a new GSA tool for managing account creation and submissions to Web 2.0's and Wordpress blogs in general?

    Good management of Web 2.0's means scheduling submissions and updating them with no link/pure content articles also.

    I think this could very well be a different piece of software altogether more in line with competing against Licorne, SE Nuke, Article Kevo etc.

  • After all - you can only expect so much for $100 :)
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    For web 2.0's all you have to do is change the captcha settings to manual and change threads to 1-3, I don't think we need to add additional code because it's two much work to change two settings.

    Additional settings like that add extra code and can create additional problems.
  • the thing is that you need to stop all your projects just to run the web 2.0, or buy another ser copy...
  • yes, i have the same problem; web 20 doesnt work correctly, when running the full threats, so, if i want to use it in my order, i need this option, too.
    otherwise i have to split up the web20 projects to a different vps, and seperate all my projects... thats bad, cause with >100 domain-Project-multi-tiered... i will loose the overview!

    any other opinion or solution for this problem?
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