Verification vs. Submission?

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I did a Tier 1 campaign today for only 15 minutes and it said  175 submissions 34 Verified.

I'm worried because I made the settings to pause the project at 15 +- 0 verifications for 1440 minutes ("per URL" unchecked).

1)Why did it go over 15 verifications?

2)What's the difference between submission and verification--Is it possible that I got more than 34 links today?

3)If I want I only 15 links a day, what is the right setting?



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    It's because you submitted too fast, GSA submitted to 175 URLS before the first verification happened. You can't really stop this from happening unless you limit your submissions instead of verifications. For example 100 submissions per day instead of 40 verifications. Out of those 100 submission you'll get a random amount of verifications which might be closer to 15.

    Another alternative is adding a minimum PR filter or something like that, this way it takes longer to get the 15 verifications so GSA has time to do more verifications.

    Hope this makes sense :(
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    So does that mean that only 34 links went through? and the rest were just accounts created but no links?

  • OzzOzz
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    also change your settings from "1440 minutes" to "reached a day"
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