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Hi i have problem - my post is duplicated by 6x on every account which SER is succesful created - WTF? (i have checked option avoid post domain to the same url twice) !!!???


  • web 2.0 2013 17:06 - duplicated on fr blogs
  • Is "try to post to a site even if failed before" enabled?
  • I had the same problem and "try to post to a site even if failed before" checked, I thought it only posts again if it failed...
  • it doesn't say only if it failed.. it says "EVEN IF FAILED"
    the failed thing is a plus.

    maybe it should say: Try to post to a site again... even if failed before.
  • according to @Sven confirmed in another thread, here this option works in a different way.
    But I have the same experience with @zaza and @ svobada
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    The number of reposts should be limited. Like an option that says "Try repost, but max X links"
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