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Revisiting What's Expected From Paid SER Link List

Never been huge fan of buying lists and never cared how many URL's are being "identified" in some ones elses scraping process. 

That's backend stuff for the person scraping data to know. 

Its nothing to brag about or position as benefit. IMO

This does not matter to me and shouldn't to customers, either.

Majority of these identifieds will not become verifieds, so why speak of them even.

Kinda like saying I got a list of 1 million unique keywords though 99 percent of which I can't rank for and or unrelated :/

Or I harvested X amount off links, yeah so what? What matters is quality of end result for project needs I would think.

What matters to me is "Verfieds" like real recently verfied link targets with min "PR" 1 and trimmed properly.

Wondering what others think or expect?

I purchase a list that was suppossed to be "fresh" and only sold to X people as each list is made.

Pretty sure this is just some old list, def not verifieds and not recently. the engines dont even match into right folder!!!!

This service had some good reviews from some people here too and is baked into SER buy urls to post to.

It's also said to be filtered minimum of 15 DA or something and claimed many other things like checked against majestic etc.

What I found in the .sl file is another story.

-it appears to have added a few pliggs and redirects to my list.

-also I see if I open up my engines many .blogspot urls in many engines and they are the same.

-some links I can see there was no way this was verified by SER before.

- not a chance this was filtered with Moz or Majestic metrics.

-theres a lot more. . . but this is at best an identified list and a poorly identified one at best!

I am aware during covid many new services popped up to sell things to newbies, but is this what a "verfied list filtered by moz and majestic" has come to be today as normal?

This is very confusing...

Though it was suggestted to add list to verfieds, I dont think this is great idea to add to verifieds,  maybe identified and then run test to see what can be verifieds.

I dont want to inflate number in my verifieds DB that are worthless.

So I guess now I have to do all the work which paying for the list should have done for me :/

Anyone else see issues with this?



  • Also lots of "no engines matches" and "no form at all" ???

    This is acceptable for fresh filtered and recently verified link list?

  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    I completely agree with what you've said about these list sellers. What's the point of selling identified links that don't work with GSA SER. If the list seller can't get verified links from it, then why on earth would they think that anyone else can? It's basically an admission on the list sellers part that

    " I can't build a decent verified list because I don't know how. But here are all my scraped urls that I know don't work - give me $30/month for it and it's yours!"

    False advertising is what it is. I even had an argument with one of the more reputable sellers on skype some time ago after I bought his list and complained that it was not a verified list. Apparently my definition and his definition of what "verified" means was completely different. He even called me a "fool" for thinkng that anyone would sell lists containing actual verified (working) links. lol

    There are some real numpties out there - most of them are amongst the list sellers. You see, it's because they don't know how to use SER to rank and make real money, so they go for the scraps instead by selling crap lists that don't work and take advantage of all the newbies that don't know any better.

    Of course this is all no good for the reputation of the software. If the lists are crap (which they are), then users will think it's the software that's crap (when in fact it's not).
  • sickseosickseo London,UK

    Like this list seller. There is no F'in way that there are 1487 verified easyblog sites and 1161 joomla k2. No way - those sites don't work no more. You'll be lucky to get 5 sites working out of that. That tells me that either the numbers are fake for advertising purposes, or they don't remove sites when they stop working.

    Either way these lists are just scams. 
  • Yes EXACTLY, and in addition auto approve lists are most certainly a list of engines usually moderated, but in this case they are not moderated because list seller did this "work" already and this is what your paying for!!!! 

    An auto approve list should be completely full of, you guessed it = links that are automatically approved and verified instantly.

    Who would have thought?

    Verified lists are mostly certainly a list taken from Verfieds folder that SER has recently verified and put it there. ***Not because you added it to verified folder!

    ***Recently, not appended to a list of old none working sitelists.

    Call a spade a spade, super simple.

    It's really just common sense!

    I'm sorry to be blunt but there really is no argument here if you don't agree your a ####### moron, and if your selling this stuff your a scam service shoveling shit to newbies!!!!!!!!!!

    The only reason you got a few good reviews was because it was incentivised so someone said something nice in exchange for something free. . . its like paying someone to lie about your service!

    Same people saying nice things are over on BHW begging for 1 dollar to solve captchas, so whats there review really worth?

    Unless it was tested honestly first...

    Congrats to you!!! Mommy would be very proud! o:)

    I saw some even selling serEngines targets :# seriously?

    There usually are people who can rank things and then people who can sell things, I do get this and when they team up and offer value they do really well. Rarely, is someone very good with Rankings and Conversions.

    Then your right, the rest who cant figure shit out create "services" that lead people into buying shit services and things they don't need which just ruins their experience and now people going round saying SER doesn't work.

    Congrats again as you have fueled people against using the software and slowed down optimization process for every other user for what a few bucks? Talk about selling out :/

    I remember when it was a few services but they did what they said and if they couldnt stay updated they stop selling and website went down.

    Now people have these little automated cash machines "reseller services" still up taking peoples money and providing nothing.

    This needs to be stopped and services need to go away if can't provide value, but is kinda up to community to update suggestted lists and not just suggest something cause you saw it and it not added. (so to a degree it users that need to speak up)

    And if your services wont work for SER related tasks then why buy banners and advertise here?

    Honestly, @sickseo its just super annoying to come back and see some off these things going on.

    It's sickening!

    Like go do Local SEO or something if ranking or converting traffic is to hard for you, its not hard and anyone with business in the world is your potential client.

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  • The numbers are fake, when I open up the sitelist file for every engine there's the same .blogspot URLs in there :D

    So it wasnt even deduped!

    Likely its a list of there link sites they are hoping you wont notice and keeping blasting away pumping up there URL's :/

  • User imports bought list into project.

    User then spends time creating nice tier template selecting indexable do-follows only and adding data.

    Finally user presses start after all their hard work. . . . . .

    SER responds....."sorry no urls to post to"
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
  • Happy to share the list names so we don't buy this shit? Totally agree with everything said in this post  :D
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    Name and shame is a great idea. These crappy list sellers need to be added to a shit list.

    @backlinkaddict To have blogspot urls as Article Beach is just proof that these list sellers don't use these lists themselves for their own link building. They'd be getting 1 LPM if they did. There is no way that GSA SER would verify a blogspot url into the verified folder.

    I suspect they are using GSA Platform Identifier which will put sites like that into the wrong engine file. There's an option that adds a url to multiple files. Still doesn't mean the url is verified - just because GSA PI pre-sorted the urls, this does not mean it is a working verified url.

    Guess these list sellers don't get that - they're just amateurs end of the day - looking to make a quick buck.
  • I think we should just put all the gathered list databases together and make one master "REAL" verified list then update that as we can.

    This recent list will actually get mostly verfieds, be in correct format and be deduped.

    Or just start running some jupyter notebooks from the cloud scraping for these sites constantly, one for each working SER engine!

    Give away to contributors and sell to people who just want to buy a real list, or updates in lists ect.

    A real master list! B)

  • sickseo  I think your wrong because I read on the website the reason they made the list was because they were heavy SER users ranking all kinds of things and couldnt find a good list seller, so they created this one :D
  • This was kinda my idea of "taking out the trash" when testing the indexing service silently, tbh I was not expecting results with the speedy index bot after trying some other services. But I keep sending sample lists and im getting back good results all documented in the bot for proof.

    Creating a new "working service lists" is great idea!
  • sickseo I dont think they are putting that much time into it even, think just pasting links into folder because can't figure on getting them in verified folder any other way . . . Then grab and image so at least it looks like there's a few in each engine  :/
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    sickseo  I think your wrong because I read on the website the reason they made the list was because they were heavy SER users ranking all kinds of things and couldnt find a good list seller, so they created this one :D
    Lol It's a good sales spiel ... if only it were true.

    I've thought about selling my own list, but there's just too many issues with it. Besides I'd rather keep those targets to myself as once it's sold/shared publicly, it will get shared like wildfire.

    Not an issue for those auto approve sites with millions of urls on them, but those rare gems that you find that haven't been spammed by anyone are real gold for link building.
  • Easy Blog not looking much better as 30ish percent can't be indentified, then of that few possibly submitted and even fewer verified. Im doubtful even 1 will verify. . .

  • This wildfire sharing is true, it may have to be a tight little community on telegram or something I guess with just contributors of some trusted rank held accountable to group or something similar to make worth while.

    Hopefully, maybe people will be more open with there experiences and services only that are currently working are put in spotlight. . .
  • Appears that I'm the new one subscriber... everyone else got free coupon code and said nice things for it.

    To be fair I am all about second chances, but this is completely unacceptable and is no way anything like described.

    Just wasted a ton of resources (money) like captchas, content, and proxies after paying  for priviledge to test this list. . .

    Please show me a list where its filtered by metrics and verifieds ..................??? And no not, redirects, pliggs, or pr 0 nofollow comments. These very high authority articles you speak of I'd like to know what folder they are hiding in??

    From the list Im looking at it doesnt look related to SER, maybe I was sent wrong one???

  • Heres "identified" buddypress - Not some "Verified" links built buy Knowledgable GSA User

  • cherubcherub UK
    edited April 5
    I think with these lists you want to see if they offer a live/realtime stats section, then see if that section includes engine names that don't exist in SER. I just checked a few that are advertising on the BST subforum and they have files like these included:
    sitelist_Unknown-Google Analytics.txt
    sitelist_Unknown-Font Awesome.txt
    sitelist_Unknown-Twitter Bootstrap.txt
    sitelist_Unknown-Google Font API.txt

    I saw one a while ago that listed a SEREngines web2.0 several thousand times, despite it being a single site...

  • I saw serEngine's link targets in list recently and someone saying its working fine?, guess ?seller?user is not really using programs after all. In any way that's useful at least.

    I guess they are sending along the scripts needed to post to these serEngines targets as well if they are to ever become true verifieds :D

    If can't scrape a list effectively, I guess scaling an inefficient system is useless and expensive,  now option is looking to recoupe loses by selling crap to people who don't now any better....

  • So can share this from testing recent services that provide results....


    Indexing = Speedy Indexing Bot is giving me 86 percent indexing rate and everything is logged and checked.

    -have also provided proof thread

    Captcha Solving = Cap Monster Cloud Is killing it with HCaptcha and Recaptcha currently

    - have also provided proof thread
    - does not mean 2captcha is not good just means I def adding CMC to my lists of solvers for better results.

    Proxies = Buy Proxies I'm still fan and they replace with any issues. Testing other services but nothing stuck out.

    - I understand they are data center and not ipv6 but they work and always have for me.
    - everyone knows them from 2012

    >:) SHIT LIST

    -provided proof thread

    Plus, many many more coming soon....

    Name and Shame Is The Name Of The Game . . .

    Protecting GSA community and newbies from getting ripped off :'(

    GSA Forum Police started in 2024 :D

    Feel free to share experiences or add to lists, just make sure you are an actual user who has actual proof of testing service and can back up your claims please. . .

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  • Just grabbed some .sl files from elsewhere. 

    This was some files from a server where I ran small test project briefly.

    The top is the "PREMIUM" .sl sitelist that was given and this is before dedupping - as was given shown. (- all the blogspot url's whats left)?

    The other three, I grabbed from other places but you can see the second one of which actually come from a GSA SER Verified list ended up being larger than the purchase "Identified"

    This was a small test project only and its much better list :'(

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  • Yeah, Platform Identifier is just that, a way to get a large list of identifieds. Which (if user has any idea what they are doing) will provide a list that SER may be able to Submit to and then try to Verify for verified links. Then compare identifieds to verifieds with helpful tools provided.

    If there's huge gap, and your list seller, maybe learn/tweak settings/footprints better or find something else to do/sell.

    No one should be buying identifieds! 

    You can get better list and faster on your own for free!!!!!!
  • edited April 6
    I was just about to share the research findings that I've dedicated 6 weeks to, but I ultimately decided against it as GSA is almost dead.

    The problem doesn't lie with the link seller, but rather with the scarcity of target websites suitable for building article backlinks.

    I spent 6 weeks scraping the outbound links from existing link sellers. The process seemed simple but proved difficult to scale. I purchased link lists from various vendors and put them into Scrapebox to extract the outbound links. By the end of the 3 weeks, I had almost 500 million backlinks that needed sorting and identification.

    I transferred them to PI, filtered through them, and initiated a test campaign to check which ones could be used to build backlinks.

    So, here's the truth: the maximum number of DoFollow article backlinks achievable with GSA is around 250, most of which are from GNUboard sites. Although I have over 1,000 NoFollow links from GNUboard, I rarely use them as they are ineffective.

    Here are some stats from the research:

    - 300,000+ Fast Indexer links (Netsoltrademark)
    - 7,000+ Redirects (Including Google domains)
    - 250 blog comments, and more.

    This is my verified list. If you can find more than that, I'd be willing to pay.

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  • KushphktKushphkt TMobile
    asia virtual assistant also shows lot of serengines.  I honestly like the pricing and success ratio of buy gsa link lists. I deposited few bucks two months ago and only down side is they take some time to release. The worst according to my experience is serocket .  No matter what list get there is a over lap but I guess it's perfectly normal.

    Now i purchased xrummer 23 and their forum list is perfect.

    Honestly GSA ser has to be update their engines some are too old and many .ini would have to update.

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  • I agree and disagree.


    The problem I'm mentioning is certainly with a list seller selling junk!

    Just because they can only find junk does not mean it's great idea to sell it?

    >:) Lying and knowingly selling worthless crap!

    The point is if you can't add value just go away and stop confusing people. :*

    Selling links that are absolutely not what are marketed and even just adding random URL's to files to make it look like a bigger list. 

    Or appending to old list and calling it fresh. Or a list that's claimed to be tested even with templates heavily from users claiming they know some things past newbie default use but their verified link list thats "helping them rank" is telling the opposite story.

    A list that in now way is a respectable verified list GSA SER list ......worthy of thy name!

    Just dishonest marketing and knowingly shelling of useless crap. Not saying the are are not users out there who are really good at finding usable targets most users can't,  cause there are!

    Let's refer to these users as "The Ones Who Can Tweak" B)

    This type of shit is just a cancer to a hopefully growing community

    This is not helping why people come lurk and leave thinking things don't work, when in fact they do . . !

    *Though, something odd is going on with my sitelists I have yet to put my finger on. Sometimes I have tested, like trimmed urls and then imported and get better faster results, so maybe some room for improvement or option somewhere in the flow here?



    I think these discussions are great to have and radical transparency is a great thing :)

    I do agree that using the program default, there will be a ceiling of URLS that come back, a point you hit where you will not be adding to the database much anymore. This is true.

    But for example, I manually sourced a list of CMS (Ive done this few times) then I added to Footprint Studio let's use Pligg example and add 1000 Pliggs. Then create new footprints from analyzed list as some of these patterns as default footprints have been hammered on so much they are just blocked and throwing hard Recap after Recap even manually. So missing tons of potential targets here. Using same default footprints parsing search can cause issues.

    I found even changing around the words in the footprint pattern made search react differently. Or occassionally adding a stop word like "to" would bring back more results sometimes and get few extra sites here and there on working platforms. So there are ways to get more results, adding keyword or stop words or not, finding completely new footprints.

    Then you can even go and if see same failing happening can adjust the script if something on site has changes. There that possibility to get more for some, I guess.

    I do see your point, but sourcing all the "paid identified lists" and putting them together, I wouldnt expect to find many more verifieds added if you have been running the program for a bit and even use scrapebox to help.

    There's new CMS that can be added to, I have started looking into this a bit.  But I'm not knowledgable enough to script the way the script manual wants currently and have success. Im missing something... It will come though.

    I would think filtering large quantities of lists there's going to be a lot of errors too, Im not sure about platform identifier,tbh. 500 million urls filtered I would think youd lose lots of potentials there.

    Plus, captcha fails, proxy fails, maybe a busy email at times can cause site to fail that if retried again certain way some new may get verified.

    I do think that it requires more then SER and Scrapebox and basic footprints with and without stop or keywords added to get all the G indexed targets that are currently useful for SER. Or maybe some that arent, but your tiers end up indexing.....hmmm?

    I noticed bing may be more useful than I once thought as well.

    So I wonder what the solution here is?

    And pointing out that just cause now users may have similar database of sites if all added together, doesnt mean they are using same way or getting same results for example user created templates, speed of projects, having large variety of emails, large amount of good stable proxies if cranked up etc.

    Would be nice to have somewhere on the web that had a real updated list of recently and working verified targets.

    This interface would have button "compare your database"

    Without website logging your DB it will spit back how many engines and how many urls would actually be added to your DB.

    Now you can decide what you are willing to pay one time for this fresh working update to your DB.

    Of course this is likely a dream even though someone could build it.

    Then could talk about strategy more now that people can worry about ranking  and templates and  not wasting resources and time on shit misleading lists.

    So to a degree "The Ones Who Can Tweak" can find more targets.

    I suppose "the ones who cannot" should not be selling lists :/
  • Kushphkt  I guess Xrummer has always been best with forums. Though I do see a lot of postings that are wrong and not translated from html to bb code or something similar for example so link would not count really for those ones.

    Agree, some engines arent working completely or are not popular today anymore, so must optimized and focus on ones that are is my thinking...

    Still wanting working browser trainer for adding my own static sites for SER :)

    Or helper program....
  • malcom said:
    I was just about to share the research findings that I've dedicated 6 weeks to, but I ultimately decided against it as GSA is almost dead.

    Kushphkt said:
    Now i purchased xrummer 23 and their forum list is perfect.

    Honestly GSA ser has to be update their engines some are too old and many .ini would have to update.
    I would not say SER is almost dead but many the engines certainly are competely outdated. One guy here on the forum recently announced updated engines, let's see if these will be and if these cover more than just english sites.

    Xrumer 23 is creating forum profiles / links and blog comments like mad. A simple scrapebox search finds targets. No need for outdated footprints to find these, a simple inurl: does. 50 x DA 80 in half an hour, niche related. SER is nice to power these up.

    A drug addict is a drug addict. Once high, he does even check indexing on a per domain/site level and is feeling proud of it.

    And then publicly begs for a commission. Lol.

    Serverifiedlists and its extra sales is well known for pure rip-off. At least to people using SER to build links rather than publishing forum posts and videos.
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