How to save and export All Project so i can import if GSA crash?

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i have 10 Project is ongoing so i want to export all the project with their setting and if i want to import this on new server then how could i do ?



  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    1. Select projects you want to backup

    2. Right click -> modify project-> backup

  • so if i select all project and take the backup then it will backup of all 10 project am i right ??

    or i have to do backup of single single project?

  • OzzOzz
    Accepted Answer
    click "backup all" for all projects or mark some projects first and "backup" if you don't want to backup all.
  • Thanks Guys.
  • also a little hint for you, @maulik2425, as you tend to ask question which were discussed several time already on this board ;)

    USE GOOGLE FIRST and you get most propably answers to your questions. for this topic for instance you use a search term like this in google: backup 
  • Thanks and i will do it first from now.
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