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How Magic Submitter works with Captcha Breaker

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Giys i am facing the problem of Captcha Breaker with Magic Submitter...

Can any one pls suggest me  the solution.

PLs chk the attached doc.


  • SvenSven
    From the screenshot I see that Captcha Breaker get's the image and since it's ReCaptcha, it skips it and MagicSubmitter asks you to fill it in as the captcha service (CB) didn't gave an answer.
  • hai guys i am facing the communication problem between GSA SER and GSA captcha Breaker.. none of my captcha has been solved by the Captcha Breaker.i chk all my setting but it's not working..

    its just showing unwanted captcha found

    pls chk the attached log file and screenshot.

  • whats your captcha settings in 
    SER -> Options -> Captchas and
    SER -> Project Options -> Options?
  • hai i got it wokring..

  • edited July 2013
    Did some the combination MS + CB + SpamVanilla? I try it but have some issues. MS submits the recaptcha as png and CB recognise it as plogger. Spamvilla isn't able to send any answer.
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