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emails not being verified mailnesia

edited April 2013 in Bugs

In gsa ser when a project starts to verfy links it doesnt...

for example i have 3 projects running at the moment 2 of which have been stuck on blue and not doing anything and another that is submitting but not verfying links.. i think the links it has got are the ones that dont need emails...

heres a screenshotimage

Iv tried both disposable emails and even turned off anti virus iv created 1000 mailnesia emails


  • OzzOzz
    edited April 2013
    maybe banned/blocked IP? i would never use those email providers besides for testing purposes. you never know how reliable they are or how often they are banned by the admins of sites.
  • so.....mailnesia is no good? I have not really found many threads in regards to email solutions - what is the best quality option for dealing with emails?
  • I bought 1,000 verified hotmail accounts for $12 USD. I use 10 of them for each campaign that goes to my money site. For all other tiers I use mailnesia and haven't had any issues. I'll be able to run over 100 campaigns with that 12 dollar list...
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