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OffTopic: hotmail account to for GSA

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a bit offtopic but maybe someone knows it, i just created my first hotmail account fully dedicated for SER, and have SER running now for a few minutes, but stupid hotmail puts pretty much 80% to spam, hence SER cant read it and confirm it. Hence 2 questions -

1 - is there a way to disable the junk filter on hotmail, (i checked settings already and changed some but it still puts most in junk mail)

2 - after i manually confirmed the emails from junk, is SER able to post with the account info on the next run?


  • if you click
    edit project -> email verification -> create new -> hotmail

    you get this message:

    with help of the @-filter all your junk will be sent to your inbox.
  • please search this forum first before asking such questions. this is covered multiple times here.
  • FYI - Once you start using SER more, you will want to have many (expendable) email accounts. Your accounts will get blacklisted, and you will need fresh ones. Ensuring that all of these are set up correctly can be time consuming.

    When you do the search that Bytefaker mentions, you will see that people mentions buying several hundred accounts from users at Fiverr. This is highly recommended. But then you have to set this spam filter for all of these. S4nt0s (one of the members) has very kindly supplied a bot that will automate this. He did this in a thread on the BlackHatWorld forum. I included a link to this in one of the other threads on this forum. paraphrase Bytefaker..."seek and ye shall find"!
  • ... as a follow up idea, regarding what DavidA2 said, i ve seen hotmail allows me to create aliases, i guess its pretty much unlimited, so havent tried with it yet, but with the alias feature of hotmail, i guess i even dont need the fiverr list or similar cause i just can create anohter alias, pop3 user stays always the same, i also would assume the confirmation is usually a clickable link, and not the sender adress, ... wouldnt that be the far easier solution?
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    This would be an easier solution to define a catch-all. The problem is when you use a domain beside or, it's possible that they blacklist/block the whole domain. Of course they can't block hotmail or gmail because they are used very often. Also you have to keep in mind that it would be a bad idea to use a moneysite-domain for this and this will force additional costs for hosting/domain.

    If we're going to use catchalls we should have a placeholder like
  • what oil suggest could work
    and you can continue submitting while verifications happen on old email and new aliased email

    going to try that now
    thanks @oil
  • I mentioned in another thread that you can also format you email addresses like this...

    In the "Data" section --->
    in the "Email Verification" section --->

    The email that is in the Data section will get blacklisted. Then you just change the "anyword" after the plus sign and let it keep going. You don't have to create a new email account.

    I have been running like this for several days and it is working fine.

    Sven and a couple others don't like this idea for a couple reasons...

    1.) Adding the "+" (plus sign) is not allowed in an email address by some hosting providers. Mine allows it, and Hotmail & Gmail & Yahoo allow it. I don't see this as a real "problem" anyway because most people will not use an email from one of their own domains.
    2.) They think it leaves too much of a "footprint". I am not sure I understand the reasoning for this. Your email has already been flagged - meaning they have already found the "footprint".
    3.) Some of the platforms that SER submits to apparently do not allow email addresses with a plus sign in them. I think this is the only "real" valid reason to not use this tactic. But, I think there are only a few of these platforms and I have not noticed any significant change in posting while running like this.

  • ***NOTE*** - Regarding my last post!

    OK...I should have gone and checked another time before I made that last post. Apparently is smart enough to check for this type of email address. I just checked one of my accounts and they have both versions of the email account blacklisted (with plus and without).

    Based on this, you should not use this method for you email addresses.
  • I don't like it because it leaves a huge footprint. If site owners got the tactic they could easily delete and block every email with a + sign inside.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I think the best would be a seperate check that we can automate. Under settings, we set it to check daily, weekly, hourly under settings. 

    The daily check happens behind the scenes and if any are bad, it has a little icon in status bar. 

    We then can click on the button and check all emails for all projects. It marks any bad ones in red, and good ones in green. 

    THEN, we can update the email from within the window and it will update it to the various projects. 

    This would be so much easier than checking 75 projects one by one to see blacklist. Also - most people use an email for a group of projects. This way, it's easy to fix any blacklisted emails. 

    LATER the feature can be added where we can queue a set of emails that can be used. But the above would assist with the problem quickly!
  • good idea with the + i actually didnt now it, but since SFS blacklisted that footprint already its obsolete, there is a nother solution but works only on gmail, i tried on hotmail where it didnt work

    on gmail accounts you can put something like

    so by putting a . anywhere

    its a fresh email adress for the SFS and for the spam checker, but gmail treats it as your main email, needless to say whenever you got your email blacklisted you just more the .dot to the next position and are good to go again, on gmail you can do that thing with and - so the formula is

    .dot x 2 .... which is quite a lot material to use

    imho its very unlikely that the would not allow a .dot in SFS cause its common as fuck

    however that works only on gmail not on hotmail accounts

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