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[Updates] GSA Search Engine Ranker

edited August 2012 in Other / Mixed
3.97 - new: new url variation option to also change URLs to root/main URL
      - new: ability to expand/collapse all groups (popup menu)
      - new: project background colours are now flashing on submitted/verified counter change
      - new: project background colours reflect current activity like searching, submission, verification...)
      - fix: url import for projects is now working for utf8 encoded data
      - fix: blogspot engine made problems (was actually an internal logical error)

The project window glimmers like a disco ball now :bz


  •  3.98 - new: better colours for yesterdays build (NO I WILL NOT REMOVE IT AGAIN!)
          - fix: minor bug on link extraction which could have caused some memory corruption
  • Has anyone problems with this version? It seems that no search engine is finding anything (in "normal" GSA mode as well as "search online for..").
  • I might have the same problem:
  • OzzOzz
    edited August 2012
    Yeah, looks the same. I give you the advice to uncheck all search engines and to check "use global site list" in your project options until this bug is solved. 
  • SvenSven
    fixed it now. Sorry I made a mistake in previous build. new release in a minute.

  •  4.00 - new: projects should stop faster if user wants to
          - new: status bar (infos on it might change in further updates)
          - fix: possible bug with blogspot engine
          - fix: possible project stop bug (issue with email parsing)
          - new: script engine improved
          - new: ability to spin data with online services from popup menu
          - new: ability to load/save search engine selections
          - fix: some strange bug in remove unsuccessful verifications
          - fix: submitted/verified counter was not updated after a backup restore
  • OzzOzz
    edited August 2012
    4.01 - new: improved some engines
    - new: ability to start projects with "Use global site lists only)
    - new: proxy testing will no longer trigger a false positive port scan as the to-test proxies are randomized inits order.
    - new: gui improved a bit again

    big thx to Sven!
  • Still on 3.95, looks like its time to update. Good stuff.
  • OzzOzz
    edited August 2012
    - new: engine "vBulletin - Blog" which will post an blog entry with your article
    - new: ability to import/export to clipboard from in dialog
    - new: improved automated text captcha filling
    - new: ability to save unanswered text captchas to a file (feel free to answer them later and send it me)
    - new: added SpinRewriter as new spin service
  •  4.03
    - new: social bookmark engine "Public Bookmark" written by Holger Lenzdorf
    - new: category query boxes will no longer close after 30 seconds if you clicked on the button
    - new: ability to import keywords from project popup menu
    - new: you can now add the same URL more than once in the project URL box.
                This is good if you want to give it the chance to use one URL more 
                 than others when choosing one randomly before the submission.

    Thx Holger and Sven :)
  •  4.04
    - new: social bookmark engine "PHPBokmark" written by cherub with additions by Holger Lenzdorf
    - new: social network engine "PHPFox" written by Ozz
    - new: html embedded captchas can now be solved
  • cherubcherub
    edited August 2012
    Great, thanks Holger for finishing up the script!

    new: html embedded captchas can now be solved
    Aha, thats the main hurdle I wasn't able to overcome
  •  4.05 
    - new: ability to check verified links for being indexed by search engines
    - new: forum engine "Vanilla"
    - fix: possible bug for automatic updates
  • OzzOzz
    edited August 2012
    - fix: minor bug in successful-submission-detection fixed
    - new: improved some engines
    - new: added two new search engines (mojeek, mojeek uk) - thanks to Ozz
    - new: should be much faster on checking last submission status

    - new: social bookmarks can now create more than one URL for tier projects.
                 Just make sure you disable "Avoid posting URL on same domain twice" in program options.
                 The <title> + meta description is used for tier projects on them 
                 (see new script commands "tier data=").
    - new: ability to define what to use as anchor text while crawling URLs online
    - new: ability to create only links to verified do-follow links in TIER projects
    - new: ability to filter debug data by engine and/or project
    - new: Show URL dialog is now having engine + engine type as two columns
    - fix: sort by PR was not working in show URL dialog
  • OzzOzz
    edited March 2013
    4.08- new: Article engine "PHPMotion" by Ozz
          - new: improved script engine

    4.09- new: web2.0 engine
          - new: web2.0 engine
          - new: web2.0 engine
          - new: article engine BuddyPress
          - new: improved antigate captcha service
          - new: improved cookie handling

  •  4.10 - new: ability to uncheck engines with no contextual links (use popup menu)
          - new: improved many engine scripts
     4.11 - new: added 3 new web 2.0 engines done by Ozz (,,
          - new: ability to uncheck all engines with empty fields
          - new: statusbar submission stats are saved on exit
          - new: added a new search engine
          - new: ability to import proxies from clipboard
     4.12 - new: 17 new web 2.0 sites added (thanks to OZZ)
                 They all are based on the same platform so you might need to use 
                 proxies as they might detect that you signed up on one of there other sites
          - new: project status can be set to "Verify E-Mails only"
          - new: improved global site list handling
          - new: added a new Chinese search engine
     4.13 - fix: some engines did have a wrong description (e.g. anchor text: no where it should be yes)
          - new: better spin syntax for the added link in articles if no %url% was used in the article.
     4.14 - new: social network engine Oxwall (thanks to Ozz)
          - new: many engines improved
          - new: user request dialog during submission improved
          - new: changed the way site lists work. Now you can create site lists on all 
                 3 types or just one or two.
          - new: article titles will be capitalized for engines who need it
          - new: improved sending of URLs to index services
          - fix: URLs have not been sent correctly to
          - fix: engines with a fixed url (mainly web 2.0) don't need to have search egnines 
                 selected in project options anymore
          - fix: backup of projects is now also working for sub trees
     4.15 - new: 9 new Web 2.0 engines (thanks to Ozz)
          - new: captcha dialog resizes itself on big captchas
          - new: ability to stop timeout for user queries (click on label)
          - fix: url-add-dialog was incorrectly detecting URLs in the box as present
          - new: very long content is now displayed on Windows 2008+ (somehow this new OS 
                 has a restriction in edit content sizes and does not display anything if to big)
          - fix: minor bug in new site list handl

     4.16 - new: improved performance on thread usage
          - new: added about 50 new Web 2.0 engines (main work done by Ozz)
          - new: added new Social Bookmark engine Dolphine
          - new: Elgg engine is now creating Blogs uif supported
          - new: option to only send URLs to indexers if the URL is dofollow
          - new: first verification of a link is now done in a max. 10 minutes from submission
          - new: improved email verification (no timeout for many emails to parse)
          - new: ability to import/export your site lists
          - new: incremental search for log window
          - new: PR check improved
          - new: ability to enable all engines that use a certain input field (use popup menu)
          - new: ability to update PR of verified URLs
          - fix: email blacklist check was brocken in previous version

  • 4.17 - fix: minor bug from previous build that could stop projects
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012

     4.18 - new: added Web2.0 site "" (main work done by cukuid)
          - new: added Doc Sharing site "Scribd" (main work by Ozz)
          - new: added Social Bookmark/Web2.0 engine "" (main work done by Sibolo)
          - new: improved speed with global site list
          - new: link diversity should be much better now as the program is choosing 
                 platform before choosing an engine
          - new: updates will get announced on statusbar (check done every hour)
          - new: less memory usage
          - new: much faster due to even better thread handling
          - new: you can now use a well known syntax like #file_links[C:\myfile.txt,10,S]
          - fix: project window size was not saved on exit
  •  4.19 - fix: possible fix on "nuclear link indexer"
          - new: search engines improved
          - new: improved thread handline again
          - new: #file_links syntax now also supports SP, NP, LP as parameters
          - fix: TEST on project was not always replacing the new #file_links syntax
          - new: improved site list parsing

     4.20 - new: improved search engines (alot new added, some removed)
          - fix: compeditor analysis was not working sometimes and could make a project stop
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    - fix: minor bugs in project edit gui
    - new: search engine handling improved (much faster)

    - new: improved threading again
    - new: less cpu usage
    - fix: bug with site list saving
    - fix: proxy deleting with slow timing didn't work
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    - new: improved search threads
    - new: Web 2.0 engine "" by Ozz
    - fix: minor bug fixes

    - new: guess what, yes! again threading improved and cpu usage lowered
    - new: engines added (all done by Ozz) -,,
    - new: option to not remove any URL from the to verify URLs. 
                 Useful if you think the link might be placed after the default timeout 
                 (should not happen that often though).
    - new: some engines improved
    - new: ability to use proxies for PR checking
    - new: option to wait 15 minutes between two email logins (some block you if you do it)
  •  4.25
    - new: option to use same anchor text in tier projects as used for the verified url
    - new: some engines improved
    - fix: finally fixed that nuclear link indexer
    - new: improved several internal parts of the program resulting in better speed
  • 4.26
          - new: engine "" by Ozz added
          - new: engine "" by Ozz added
          - new: engine "Drupal - Blog" added (creates blog/story posts)
                 This one was not so easy and might need some improvement over time.
          - new: pligg engine improved (creats also profile links now)
          - fix: minor bug in proxy import
          - new: google PR checking delay
          - new: project fields show where this is used in hint
          - fix: minor bug fixes for indexers
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    - new: esyndicate engine improved (should now be able to submit to javascript protected sites)
    - new: "unknown directory" renamed to "webpronews" + fixed
    - fix: another issue in indexing submission (sorry hard to code blindly here
    when not having an account on the services)
    - fix: some search engines fixed
    - fix: one minor bug with "already submitted/verified" detection for fixed url providers

    - fix: one bug from previous version

    - new: ability to use ArticleBuilder -
    - new: option to use spell errors in descriptions to fight duplicate content
    - new: support for a new macro called #err[0..10000]
    This will modify the content with typos/misspelling. The higher the number the more
    typos are generated (but keep it readable for humans). This is not modifying your
    anchor text of URL if used in the text.
    You might ask for what is this useful? Some say it fights duplicate content,
    some say it's rubbish. At least you can decide to use it or not.
    - new: support for a new macro called #gennick[BLAHH,min,max]
    this creates a random login with min/max length. The first parameter is not used for now.
    - new: support for a new macro called #random[a..z,A..Z,0..9,@,!,;]
    this will insert a char from the given range into the field
    - new: support for a new macro called #file="c:\xyz.txt"
    this will insert the content from a file (or URL)
    - new: #file_links can now use URLs as parameters
    - fix: minor bug on URL verification (login is no longer parsing for links)
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    - new: added Social Network engine SocialGo (thanks to Ozz)
    - new: minor fix in captcha processing (https-recaptcha is no longer sent to CS)
    - new: ability to select URLs by entered date range to e.g. only export verified URLs from a specific time
    - new: added as a free spinner
    - new: position of captcha input window is now saved
    - new: improved search engine parsing
  • 4.31
    - new: support for #trans ... #notrans macro
    When used inside the project data, it translates the text to the language of the website it is submitting to.
    Example: "#trans I like this #notrans" will turn to "Dies ist ein Test" when submitted to
    - new: added 4 Web2.0 engine by Ozz (,,,
    - new: ability to set project to only work for manual captcha input even global options say something else

    - fix: one engine made problems
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    - new: option to use secondary anchor text and it's %
    - new: option to use domain as anchor text and it's %
    - fix: progress bar for site list import was wrong
    - new: less memory usage

    - new: statusnet and laconica engine post status updates and/or bookmarks now
    - fix: some bug with memory allocation fixed when processing site lists
    - new: speed should be a bit better now
    - new: phpfox engine improved
    - fix: minor bug with SpinRewriter api fixed (\X was not converted)
    - new: project TEST should now replace more variables

    - fix: A rather big bug on verification fixed. If you saw a slow down of verified links since
    two versions, thats was the cause. Sorry, but it was really hard to find as
    it only appeared on some systems
    - new: way less memory usage
    - new: indexu engine (directory) is now posting a link on profiles
    - new: URLs can have spin syntax as well and will not get rejected on checking
    You can now even use e.g. %spinfile-url-list.txt% in the URL field.
    - new: proxy use for setting can be switched to "Other (PR)" (which would make
    it only use for PR checking)
    - new: GUI changed to only display hints when moving mouse on the Help label

    - new: guestbook engine "Felix Riesterer"
    - new: scheduler to run a certain number of projects at a specific date/time for a set number
    of minutes and switch to other projects (click arrow next to start button to access it)
    - new: PR checking improved
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    - new: article engine YAD added (Thanks to Ozz)
    - new: "article script" engine improved
    - new: ability to use tags in spin syntax like
    Article Title: {#TAG1 title1|#TAG2 title2|#TAG3 title3}
    Article: {#TAG1 content1|#TAG2 content2|#TAG3 content3}
    With this syntax you will always submit articleX with contentX and not mix titles with content (e.g. title1 with content2).
    - new: ability to unselect URLs in "Show URLs" dialog by Mask
    - new: ability to save failed sites to site lists
    - new: "click to count" label to count keywords used in project
    - fix: minor problem on reverification fixed
    - new: improved email parsing
    - new: option to skip sites with a PR above a certain setting
    This makes it possible to e.g. have two projects for one site and use e.g. custom mode for high PR sites to enter the data manuualy while submission while low PR sites are handled by the other project.
  • 4.38
    - new: added over 3000 new questions/answers
    - new: ability to import PLR Articles (use the Tool button) -
    - new: improved threading a bit
    - new: stats for verified urls dialog after re-verify/index check
    - new: internal proxy handling improved (speed some minor bugs fixed)
    - new: ability to import questions/answers from textcaptcha.txt  
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    - fix: secondary anchor from URL was not queried when using GUI
    - fix: bug with PR checking and proxies
    - new: again improved question/answers
    - fix: YAD engine bug fixed 
    - new: article summary is generated automatically when using Tools->Auto Fill
    - new: added api of WordAI as a spinner
    - fix: bug with group renaming fixed (changes got updated after restart only)
    - fix: secondary URL in anchor was not read correctly when re-editing project
    - new: improved some engines
    - new: detail link search is now much faster
    - new: warnings on to many keywords
    - new: program will check the memory usage periodically and refuse to start further threads to not get a OutOfMemory exception
    - new: less memory usage
    - new: html download and timeouts improved

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