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My VPS has been really bad lately, really laggy and the CPU maxing out.

I'm only Running GSA SER and Indexer along with CSniper, the VPS has 4 CPUs and 4GIG of RAM but it's not enough. Does anyone know what VPS setup I need to run these 3 programs?


  • How many threads and projects you've got in GSA?
  • 7 projects 150 threads
  • my cpu always is at 100% when SER is running. I have 2 GB of ram and i'm not sure about the cpu. and my memory usage is 1.15 gb used and I have all the programs you mentioned running plus firefox, sicksubmitter and scrapebox.

    I use trustvm.com if that helps you. its $20 bucks a month for what I use and its rock solid.
  • Thanks orbital, when your CPU is at 100% are all your programs  really laggy and slow though?
    I guess I need to change VPS ;)
  • ronron SERLists.com

    I'm getting a little concerned that while we all wanted a faster GSA, that it might be getting a little too big in CPU demands.

    I'm on a 3.6 GHz quadcore, 8 Gb Ram, 9 projects and 75 threads, 30 private proxies, 36 Mbps bandwidth, and it is running at 50% - 75% CPU. To the point where there is a noticeable lag even when calling up the GSA screen.

    And I have nothing else running. Seems extremely high compared to previous versions. I am using the newest version v4.21. I didn't have CPU concerns previously.

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    Oh I really thought it was my VPS because before I had GSA SER running with other programs and no lag at all, everything was very smooth. Now I'm maxed out at 100% all the time, it's hard to even edit the options.

    Under the process tab it says SER is using 295,812k Memory, I'm not sure if that's good or bad?
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    This might be related to this issue:


    I'm having nearly 100% cpu usage since the 4.21 update... no issues on 4.19 and before where ist was mostly below 20% with occasional spikes above...
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    upcoming version will have less cpu usage. But keep in mind that to the nature of using all available threads now, it might still be higher than before. You have to lower threads in order to keep cpu usage down to a good level you need.
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