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Please stop using SERemails!

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Hello everyone,

I would like to apologize to those who have followed my affiliate link on my website to use SERemails before(I removed this service months ago.). This service is not as reliable as I initially thought. It has proven to be a low-quality service with a high number of spammed domains, and they have also failed to respond to support tickets.

I strongly advise against using this service as it can negatively impact the success rates of your campaigns and result in the loss of good link-building targets. It is best to avoid using spammed domains and opt for more reputable alternatives.

Also, there have been some other topics around SERemails like

For @Sven :

Beyond the problems I discussed earlier for the users, here is proof that this service is abusing its affiliate program (over $400 just from me).

I'm taking this action to ensure the safety and integrity of our community. It's not a matter of seeking revenge but rather a commitment to maintaining a clean environment.

Despite my previous attempts to contact the individual in question, it has been a while(maybe around one year), and I have since moved on from any financial concerns. However, I have noticed that there are still users who continue to utilize this service, as evidenced by the recurring affiliate logs.

To rectify my previous misguided suggestion, I humbly request the complete removal of this service from the GSA forum and SER software.

Thanks a lot!


  • AliTabAliTab

    Thank you @Sven , for your always caring behavior and for taking the necessary actions.

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