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blacklisted catchall services cause lower LPM and waste your link lists


Today i just lost my offshore hosting provider where i run my own top quality catchalls for GSA SER projects.

I am totally obsessed with premium catchall services like seremails  they provide blacklisted emails from many Websters. If you are running premium verified link lists like me its going to waste by using those catchall services.

This is why i decided to use my own catchall emails my verified list service performance jump from 32LPM to 110 steady rate.  But my hosting provider got angry with that and suspend hosting.

does anyone know reliable offshore hosting provider that i can create catchall emails and use with GSA  ?

also welcome to suggest any other premium email services which i can use with GSA projects


  • Just sent you a PM.
  • try
  • Just sent you a PM.

    i appreciate your help. Finally i found a server where can i host my own. Sorry guys i am unable to share the provider as its very personal hosting provider who i found local.
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    You don't need special hosting for catchall emails, certainly no need to be offshore. Setting them up on shared hosting will cause issues and the server loads will be excessive and effect other users. Most likely reason for your account suspension.

    You have to use a private vps to host them on. I've had mine running for a few years on solidseovps using their nvme linux vps and 5 cpanel accounts: 

    You get unlimited subdomains which means unlimited catchall emails across 5 different domains. But even 1 cpanel account will be sufficient for most users.
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