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GSA SER filter + xevil

with respect and admiration
this is a problem

i try to block

i can't stop this web site  how can i stop

xevil is getting tired for nothing.
Is there any way to stop this?

Can't solve captcha.
Total damage is tiring the processor.
13 ser 2 xevil is not enough. (5950x 7950x)
40% of CPUs go to them.


  • ahmetibisahmetibis turkey

    maybe that would be more understandable.
  • SvenSven
    edited May 6
    can you show a log from SER to identify of what engine it is treating it for?
    also try adding the following in global filter
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  • ahmetibisahmetibis turkey

    I use 28 search engines. only the international ones were selected in line with the GSA-SER recommendation notes.
    i stop fandom
    just editing the hosts file solves everything.
    I said proxy goes independently. but it is following the hosts file.
    Thank you very much.
    I have a very special thank you to Sven
  • SvenSven
    still it would be good to know what SER was thinking that this site was about to try to solve recaptcha. But glad you could solve it anyway.
  • edited June 8
    Hi @Sven,
    This is the log you requested.

    1) I am using raw Identified SER list (not verified) and I my XEvil has:
    Good: 300,000
    Bad SiteKey: 50,000
    Bad: 1200
    Is the Bad SiteKey consider a lot? How can I reduce it?

    2) I also have a lot of Bad SiteKey from
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