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Is B2B advertising via contact form legally permissible?

I don't expect a legal advise as from a lawyer. Just I wonder if anyone has some links or clues about that.

1. Is B2B advertising via contact form legally permissible inside the EU?
2. Is B2B advertising via contact form legally permissible inside the US?

For some reason I couldn't find a clear answer to that anywhere online.

Would appreciate if anyone could shed some light or share some links that may lead to an answer.


  • SvenSven
    I don't think it's a EU law you can nail it down to here. Each country has it's own laws and yes you are right: Im no lawyer and can not give legal advise.

    However, I see no reason why a contact form is not being used for contacting someone because this is it what its build for!?
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    I am not a lawyer, either. But I've considered this. 

    You are using a website. A page on a website with a form, filled out with an automated poster.

    What happens to your data after that? It might go into a flat file, a database, or maybe sent somewhere or other via e-mails. Who knows! I can't see how ANY legal body could construe filling out forms on websites as "e-mail" communications.  Really, it's not even my business to know how data is stored internally on some random system, or if they use e-mail somewhere or other.

    I have an  analogy:
    If I buy groceries and when I check out my store club card provokes an action whereby some other system  associated with that store e-mails me a coupon, could it then be said that checking out groceries and using my card is a form of "e-mail communication", even if I had previously approved receiving e-mails?  It seems like a stretch!

    I know it's a poor analogy, as in the real-life circumstance of contacting via forms, you're transmitting data you wish to communicate, rather than buying groceries, definitely a non-communication activity. Even so,  that detail actually seems irrelevant, really. 

    The e-mail sent to you after the purchase at the store is also communicating data DIRECTLY via "e-mail communication." Although it is not a communications-based event, but rather a transaction or purchase, data is sent via e-mail.

    Point is, it's indirect, and I can't se how a form is not likewise indirect use of e-mail, if at all. Again, just thinking about the matter logically. I am definitely not offering legal advice, but rather my own philosophical musings on the topic!
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