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gsa ser and money site

baccioalexbaccioalex rio de janeiro
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Hi guys, happy Sunday everyone, I was wondering why everywhere I read I find that SER cannot be used on the Money site but only on level 2 and maybe 1. I ask this because I have personally classified sites using SER directly on the money site, we don't talk keywords of high difficulty, but medium-low, but we always talk about the first page, even in the top 5, for many keywords with a lot of traffic. I would like to understand ... I'm not an expert on seo.


  • i use it for money sites for years. good ranks. no problems.
    make sure you use at least 3 tier project structure.

    there is too much scarecity in the SEO world.

    if fear is your primary emotion when it comes to SEO, you will probably never overrank your competition, or spend too much money and time to do so.

    you can find a lot of helpful comments and explantions by @sickseo in this forum, from the past 2-3 years.
  • baccioalexbaccioalex rio de janeiro
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  • baccioalexbaccioalex rio de janeiro
    edited April 2023
     Maybe I explained myself badly, I use it direct to the money site, without levels 1,2,3 direct SER and as I said I classified excellently, yes, I also have other levels available 'pbn', but 99% of the work does SER, and as I repeat, here I only see users who claim that money should not be used directly on the site, I don't understand this: if they say it because they have heard it or based on what ...
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    coral99 said:
    if fear is your primary emotion when it comes to SEO, you will probably never overrank your competition...

    I went through that, being overly concerned that rankings were suffering because of my SEO efforts. In retrospect, it seems it was more likely I was not running my SEO tools well at that point, and it wasn't because of "too much," but rather "too little."
    The sad thing is, my response was to ease back on SEO, when the proper response would have been to ramp up efforts! Total 180 degree wrong way to go.  I was concerned that some were saying "never, EVER  use GSA" to hit money sites, but it was not a well-founded rule, as SER is a  toolset, and can be used in a million ways.

    And, yes, it was all fear-based. Misinterpreting falling SERPs, coupled with not checking backlink losses...which likely accounted for it all... now that I'm doing SEO with no fear*, and a lot of effort, once again, it seems pretty clear.  (* I do still try to be careful as to quality content, but when you are careful...what's to fear?!)
    It's tougher now. It seems there's a lot more competition, so we have to put even more effort into project.

    With that all said, I do need to focus on some high DA links hitting the MS. I read that there is a project underway to add such targets to the newest incarnation of GSA SERengines. I also did some MS links by hand, but haven't in a while.
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  • baccioalexbaccioalex rio de janeiro
     Yes, you say well, then it also depends on the niche where you operate, but if SER is given rich target URLs, it will operate very juicy links. Personally, I use it with almost all engines, even if almost everyone claims that it is not correct on the MS, but as you rightly say there is too much fear around. I understand that a MONEY site is an investment of both time and money, but you should also consider a certain margin of 'risk' if you want to throw yourself into the enterprise. Have you noticed some change in your ranks since the G update in March, personally I would say nothing tuo commento
  • i use gsa on money sites. Problem is a lot of such sites delete the links after say 1 to 4 weeks. so we gotta keep building
  • baccioalexbaccioalex rio de janeiro
    Yes, it happens to me too, I use AHREFS, I download the csv of the lost links and insert them in SER
  • I have been blasting to my all ecom and niche sites without any issue. Recently my wife started a vlogging with youtube and dedicated site. Today i started to build directly to them as well.  Your input depends on output.
  • baccioalexbaccioalex rio de janeiro
    Yes, you have to think for yourself, experiment, make mistakes, improve from mistakes, I don't see other solutions as there is no written line of conduct on SEO ....
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