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Newbie: Help with Categories

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Hi, I find setting up the category structure confusing.  Can you please give me some tips.

Also... there is a "category file" on mediafire?  But then none of the links works.  Any place I can find that?

Thanks A LOT in advance.


  • Ok, I figured you guys wanted me to find it myself, to learn.  Thanks!

    Here we go:
  • ronron
    I don't think anybody understood your question. What do you mean by category structure? And I'm totally missing what you mean with mediafire.
  • ronron
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    @sobiman - I see that you are new. So to really help you out, I just modified an earlier post, and encourage you (and all newbies) to read this:

    Helpful Advice If New To GSA SER

    It will go into a lot of detail on how to build tiers, which platforms to use, and how to tweak SER to obtain higher levels of linkbuilding.

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    Every niche has their own categories to fit in. Doubt if any categories file may help, when you import a categories file in a different niche to your site, or even a "universal categories", verified links could also be very poor, check this may help in your case
  • Hi Ron:  By category file, I meant the massive category list

    As far as category structure, I meant the category hierarchy .. I read Dunce's thread and am posing my comment below.

    Hi Dunce, ok I saw that thread (thanks!).  I don't understand the issue with a huge category list.. one can always add some niche specific cats to the top of it, no?

    And is there any point to build the category hierarchy at all.. surely cannot get much of a match doing it that way, vs. providing a flat list.

  • @Ron, reading "Helpful Advice" with great interest....
  • ronron
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    Thanks for that. I never even knew about that file.

    What I said in that thread that Dunce referred to was that I use a niche specific category list, and every item in there has asterisks as in *Category*. I also use hierarchies in there as well.

    The only way to do it, at least in my opinion, is manually. Go to a few article sites and get the lay of the land on categories that apply to your niche. I can't validate that list Eslash put together, but it looks kind of solid.

    There's a point to the hierarchy only if you have seen the hierarchy firsthand. For example, in BMD with bookmarks and at bookmarking sites, there are real tiers if you want to do it correctly, and I suppose it is no different for Articles.

    When I created my categories, I literally went through BMD and grabbed every flat listing and every hierarchical listing that was available. That was my shortcut way of doing it. But very tedious.

    I have never gone through this pain in the rear process for articles, and probably should. I have been skating by using the bookmark things in BMD, and now after reading this, I am sure I could put more work into it.

    I think one of the keys with any category list is to make sure you have stuff like *General*, *Misc*, *Miscellaneous*, *Other*, *Uncategorized*, *Anonymous* - in addition to whatever your niche category terms are.

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    Add: for articles category, *xyz* is the name of miscellaneous.
  • Can someone explain to a non coder such as me the function of using asterix at the beginning and end of a word when choosing categories?
  • SvenSven
    @DarrenHaynes, the * stands for any or none character. The ? stands for exactly one character that can be anything. Than there is [0-9] which means the character can be of 0..9. So *xyz* in @Dunce's examble means that xyz must be present in the string we compare at any position.
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    Yes, in fact it's just XYZ, I'm adding **to every category name for won't do any bad anyway. I stick my arse in front of SER for about half an hour manually choosing categories for some tier one projects, saw lots of article sites don't have a "misc" or "other" category, most of them name all uncategorized stuff XYZ instead, so when do T1, better add that. Also notice the names in "directories" are different, so this is not universal.
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    Thanks Sven and Dunce - now I understand :-)

    EDIT: One more thing - if I use  *Misc* - will that post to both categories:

  • SvenSven
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