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Greetings! Need help with a few things!

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Hello everyone! Hope you all had a lovely new year and having a great day.

I'm getting started with SEO after a long time. And I'm serious about getting it done, this time. That's my new year resolution. Since, I've just lost my main job after years, and want to pursue SEO marketing full-time.
Thank you! 

I've private proxies, GSA SER, GSA Indexer, and GSA CB. (Do I need anything else to get started?)

I'm wondering how do I get a complete SEO report after running any campaign?

Few things, that I want to do are as follows for my website:-

Create high quality DA backlinks.
Tiered SEO backlinks to my website.
Drip feeding the backlinks (is there any setting in the GSA SER for this?)
A mixture of dofollow and nofollow links for natural link building.
Get a complete report of the campaign.
Anchor text diversification: brand mentions, URLs, generic and targeted keywords to avoid a google penalty.

I'm a bit lost in the process, any help will me heaps! 
Also, is there any discord or telegram group where SEO entutiasts like me can join?

Thank you!


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