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Why it doesn't Duplicates all Data ?

So i wanted to make a project, where i can import all other project urls i.e. Sent, Checked, Fitered, Failed

But it only imported Sites and not Checked, Sent, Failed and Filter.

I wanted to make it a Global List so if i delete project the url will be filtered.


GSA Website Contact already creates a Global list of url to avoid duplication on each segment i.e. Checked, Sent, Failed, Filtered as i saw while importing it asks to check from Global list.



  • SvenSven
    In latest update you can define what to duplicate beside the data. You can specify if you want to duplicate checked/sent/failed/filtered. Im not sure what this issue is all about!?
  • May be i have misunderstood.

    So if my main campaign have  sites: 100000 checked: 55000 sent : 55000 failed:25000 filtered: 10000

    Now when i import to a fresh Campaign, import from Project selecting Successfully Sent, Checked, Failed and Filtered.

    Shouldn't my new project link stats look exactly like above in main list ? (Currently it's showing me only Sites and nothing on other column)
  • SvenSven
    edited January 2023
    OK, now I see what you mean...when importing you have another checkbox called "Reset Status". I guess thats the one you have checked as well when imported URLs and then they are imported without any status.
  • entnepalentnepal Nepal
    edited January 2023
    OK Let me try again, btw Sven. I figured out 1 weird thing can u guide me what might have happened.

    So i created a campaign & imported previously SENT link list which i had exported to .txt file.

    I got like 3-4000 Failed out of 90k submitted.

    So i randomly copied failed url and checked manually, contact form was ok.

    As i rechecked - i have set try 1 time if failed option.

    So now if i want to RETRY These Failed only contact form is there any way ?

    Or i should export the failed and again import them and do the submission?

    Update: I figured out they are mostly wordpress blogs, so any tip so we can  bypass if that's some plugin failing my submission.

    Thank you
  • My previously SENT list are getting lot of Failed today (i am using 250 private proxies)

    How can i know what are the reason of failures (if there is any way to check it)


  • SvenSven
    just click on the project and review the STATUS column for each URL. You see details why it failed there.
  • Sven said:
    just click on the project and review the STATUS column for each URL. You see details why it failed there.

    i found lot of Javascript protected. Can we do anything for that or we should simply ignore such jv protected ones ?
  • SvenSven
    right now you can not do anything sorry.
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