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auth error when adding gmail accounts to gsa ser

@sven I added a working account with pop3 enabled inside, but using the correct setting in gsa ser (as recommended by google pop3) and the correct user name and password, i keep getting the error below as attached.

can u kindly assist?


  • the error pops up when i test the email account within gsa ser
  • SvenSven
    You have to enable pop3/smtp usage in options when logged in. / For password use APP Password what you have to define and not the gmail password
    Thanked by 1hardcorenuker
  • For password use APP Password what you have to define and not the gmail password

    @Sven i already through google account's interface 4 times and even did a search but there is no option to add an App Password...
  • SvenSven
    Maybe the place changed where it originally was...maybe someone else can help? Because Im not using google accounts.
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