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My optimised engines.

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Just spent past hours optimizing the first batch of engine files footprints.  I've learnt so much from you guys on this forum and I've always given back to any community which is heres my offering.

Recently I've found the search engine in ser not finding may new sites and many search calls, returning nothing in results.

I have gscraper which quickly checks the search results on Google via the search terms used in the engines.
I've also got gscraper to scrape all my "identified files" in ser to find new footprints and checked those also.
I combined both and then checked how many results in Google for given search term and removed anything which is less than 1 million results.
I was surprised to find many default search strings in current engines returning 0 results or only few hundred, which is just wasting time & resources.

I've also enabled the engine to grab keyword from your keyword lists and add that to the search string.

This will create a My Profile section in your campaigns without overwriting any excising file.  Also when updating, they will not be overwritten:)

This is my first time editing these FILES guys, so test them out yourself, play nice and give helpful advice if you can.

Zipped file included:

Article - Article Dashboard
Article - Article Script
Article - BuddyPress
Article - Drupal - Blog
Article - Joomla - Blog
Article - php Link Article
Articles - Moodle
Wikki - MediaWiki

just extract the zip file into your /ser/engines/ folder. wont overwrite anything.



  • sounds great ,) will try them out thank you
  • Your welcome, any questions or opinions, ask away:)

  • davbeldavbel UK
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    Cheers Zeusy, I'll give them a go ;-)
  • ronron

    @Zeusy - Can you explain this which you wrote:

    "This will create a My Profile section in your campaigns without overwriting any excising file.  Also when updating, they will not be overwritten"


  • Hi Ron, 3rd time posting, dont know why my posts (using Firefox) arnt posting so hopefully this will show up:)

    Oh and Ron thanks for your extremly helpful posts sharing info to this community, I've learnt a lot from you;)

    Regards your question.

    Just download the rar, extract it into your install forder /ser/engines/

    It will create NEW files in your engine folder so it will NOT overwrit your excisting engine.ini files in your folder.

    Open a campaign and you will now see (left hand side) a new catagory called "MY Profile" so you can select them to be used.

    Doing it this way means when a new update of SER is installed it wont overwite/update my files.

    Hope that explains it ok??
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    @ron it just makes a new section called "My Profile" see pic ..thx to Zeusy
  • ronron
    edited March 2013

    Yes it does. I couldn't figure out why you kept saying it wouldn't overwrite, and that part about the profiles. Now I know what you did. Thanks!


  • ronron
    Thanks @kaykay - I am a visual guy.
  • the more color the better hrhr ;) i am a visual guy too lol
  • ronron
    Every time I see your avatar @kaykay I laugh.
  • hehebtw im still not happy with mediawiki results...think it could be improved but the articles results are very good.

    Also on the keywords, I find single word gets you more results also.
  • have to check the results after a day running then @zeusy ,) INCOMING :) -> @ron
  • Thanks for that mate!

    I have a question: i am trying to find better footprints as well, for example for ning - i dont want all ning sites, just those where it is possible to post a blog.

    So i would like to try this for example: "ugg inurl:/profiles/blogs/". Google shows 53,300 results. My question - is there any way how to scrape all these 53k sites? With scrapebox or Gscraper or whatever? Is the way to enter some huge common keyword list + this footprint a scrape for a very long time?

  • quite late now, will check in morning for you
  • Thanks for the share.I've bought gscraper too and i'm planing to do a similar thing with other engines.

    @kaykay to how many web2.0 can you post with the "web 2.0 fixed" section and do you use a paid captcha service with them?

  • hey @MrJones .. thats the files from awint .. he fixed the web2.0 and now @awint sells them for a low price
  • ronron

    @Zeusy, I finally had a chance to run this set of engines solo. I won't know the verifications for a while, but I was able to rattle off a quick 500 subs in a few minutes. I can tell they are working much more efficiently.

    I will report back... 

  • traged - yes gscraper will do that for you in minutes. (its my no2 seo tool) If you buy it and dont think its worth it, ill send ya the $38 cost..thats how sure I am :)

    ron - Glad you see improvments, I do also and Im sure the others who try them will do.  FYI I havent optimised the signup/registering process on the file, I just optimised the scraping of the search engines.

  • edited March 2013
    Zeusy said: yes gscraper will do that for you in minutes. (its my no2 seo tool) If you buy it and dont think its worth it, ill send ya the $38 cost..thats how sure I am

    I know gscraper, have had limited full version, now using free one - its enough, no need for full version i think :) But HOW to scrape all these results? Using built-in 17k keywords and this footprint?

  • edited March 2013
    1. run gscrape
    2. goto scrape tab
    3. paste "ugg inurl:/profiles/blogs/" into footprints section.
    4. import your keyword into keyword section.
    5. click start scrape.

    Its that easy....or Im misunderstand what you want todo?

    I've just done a optimised ning engine.ini file. will upload it when i finish a few more...any requests??

  • Well, this is what i suggested in my previous post :) Still not sure if this is the best way, but it probably is...

    I think i will create my own footprints - i dont want to get ALL possible sites of some platform, just ALL where it is possible to place my post - this concerns mainly contextual platforms. An example was Ning above - there are dozens of other Ning sites where only profile link could be created and no blog post is possible - i dont want them, they will just consume resources/captchas etc. The same counts for other contextual platforms...
  • Optimized the following engine.ini files:

    Blog Comment - KeywordLuv
    Blog Comment - Blogspot
    Article - UCenter
    Wikki - TikiWiki
    Article - Press Release Script
    Article - PHPMotion
    Social Bookmarks - Pligg
    Social Bookmark - NING

    File is Here

  • I'll only do more if you request if u want different engine done, just name it here.
  • Zeusy Thanks for the engines.I've got my gscraper license today and i will start to optimize some engines too.
  • nice work again @Zeusy! thanks for that
  • edited March 2013
    some people have asked how I finding and sorting the footprints so process as below:

    1. copy out ser footprints
    2. search online for all known footprints for whichever engine im working on.
    3. Get gscaper to find more footprints in my engine "identified" file. (this is limited as ive only had ser for about 10days so my identified file isnt that big yet- better results would be found if file had more urls in it)
    4. combine them.
    5. put into gsraper and see how many results each search string
    6. remove any less than says 500k results, some less than 1million, depending on QTY
    7. remove any which are too general.
    8. put each one at a time into my profile Engine file and test it in ser for web urls found and if correct engine found.
    9. removing any which dont find correct engines.
    10. When all completed, put all into the new engine file and ensure engine is told to select a keyword when searching.
    11. Test again...then upload for you guys.
  • ronron
    Zeusy, I was going to do all this stuff this weekend. You're taking the fun out of it for me. Hahaha. Thanks!
  • edited March 2013
    Hey man, you can do the rest then:P
    Or if you can find way to output the proxies gscaper gets form it using those in SER would be fantastic :)

  • ronron
    I have heard from an unidentified source that our private proxies work even better than their proxies because they are oversubscribed.
  • Hi Zeusy, thanks very much for your share, I really appreciate it.

    n00b alert, so after extracting into the engines folder I'll tick "My Profile" and untick the corresponding ones from GSA? Thanks again.
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