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Recommended Proxies? GSA Website Contact

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this and from what I could read and find on youtube videos, I will need private proxies.

What I want to do:
1. Use GSA Website Contact to scrape websites in my particular industry
2. Use the auto-send contact form feature to leave a message

As I work in sales for a company, I want to improve my success by automizing this process. I am not doing this with the consent of the company and therefor want to make sure, that I don't risk any google penalties for myself or my employers website. It was my idea to use my company e-mail address for the auto-fill of the contact form and leave a message with a link to the landing page of the company website.

My first question would be about Proxies:
Which proxies can you recommend?
A. proxyelite which I found offers a batch of 400 private US proxies for 30 bucks
B. rotating proxy network

I'm not doing SERP.

My Second question is:
Could any of those activities have a negative impact on the domain of my employer if I don't do things right. Based on 1. The company E-Mail address i enter in the contact form and 2. The company website link I leave in the message. Will google or the websites report the domain to be flagged as spam or anything?

I hope my questions are clear enough. Thanks for any help!


  • anyone? I just want to avoid that the domain of my employer somehow gets blacklisted or something If I go for auto contact on web pages..
  • ezequielezequiel argentina
    be carefull, dont spam with real domain....of course domain could be baned from google
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    ezequiel said:
    be carefull, dont spam with real domain....of course domain could be baned from google
    Okay. Is there a threshold until something is "spam" ? What if I only do 100 contact forms a day? I don't need the thousands...

    Additionally, isn't this what the proxies are supposed to take care of? Avoid being marked as scam? As long the bot is set to about 15 seconds between visiting the page and filling the contact form?

    Would in that case Option A or Option B be better?

    thanks :)
  • abcproxy 
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