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Is GSA WEBSITE CONTACT still worth it?

I am using the tool but it seems there are lots of hurdles to pass to get anything out of it. 
In todays time when spam filters are getting smarter by the second, is this tool really helpful? Because it seems that even if you figure out how to send the messages, those messages need to bypass Spam and that is a work in itself.
Youtube doesn't have much tutorial and success stories with the tool either
I guess only Loopline and may be very few others figured it out but that too after spending 5 figures in testing and definitely a lot of time. ( i read it in one of his posts on the forum)
The tool is powerful but it lacks proper updated training materials IMHO. 


  • SvenSven
    edited September 18
    Is this part of some smear campaign? This is coming with very good videos and tutorials at least in my eyes and we also provide a lot updates.
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