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massive failed rate - please help

I am new to GSA so this is my first test run and I ended up just stopping it to get some feedback.

This is a small test list of 18k websites on my own list
I am using the GPA Captcha breaker
I am using britedata private residential proxies

any suggestions on where I am going wrong with all the errors? 


  • i can solve it
  • innov8innov8 Ft. Lauderdale
    ok, are you trying to give tips to help me learn or sell me something? Your reply is very generic. 
  • Hi, I'm also experiencing the same problem. Does scraping websites from the scrape box and importing them into GSA Website Contact solve the problem? 
  • cherubcherub
    Are you using any sort of recaptcha solving? Most contact forms will be using something that CB cannot solve on it's own
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  • innov8innov8 Ft. Lauderdale
    i am using the GSA captcha BUT not sure if its working
  • cherubcherub
    If you're just using Captcha Breaker then you will be missing out all the forms that use Recaptcha, which will be the majority of them. You will need to set up a 3rd party service such as 2captcha that is capable of solving all types of Recaptcha.
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  • innov8innov8 Ft. Lauderdale
    I setup death by captcha and that seems to work a little better but I will check out the out any others you recommend. 
  • I am also facing the same problem that the sent rate is only 4% to 7%. Is it normal? I want to use the 3rd party captcha service but most of them are expensive if I want to post several hundred thousand websites.
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