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Magic Submitter CB integration

edited March 2013 in Feature Requests
I have noticed a few people having trouble with this and I am the most recent :)
Is there anyway to integrate CB with magic submitter an easy workaround.
Thanks for all your hard work :)


  • OzzOzz
    edited March 2013
    the problem is that there are already 2-3 threads asking how to setup CB with MS but nobody has reported back what kind of setup worked for them.
    the best answer i could find is that @pirondi make it work "if you select "captcha sniper" function, it works fine with captcha breaker."

    if i'm not wrong than activate CS in MS and in CB you only activate "run as webserver" without any simulation for other captcha services. maybe that helps.

    furthermore please asked the developers of MS to integrate CB to their software.
  • Thanks Ozz I thought thats what my thread was...A request. if not my appologies. I will try the other way now, otherwise its back to the drawing board. :)
  • sorry, didn't saw that it was posted in request and i thought you just need help to set it up.

    however, you really should ask the MS developers to integrate CB into their software as i suppose that sven can't do anything more than bypassing with CS or other captcha services.
  • This is how I got it working...

    In MS:

    put in fake details for deathbycaptcha - anything works.

    In GSA:

    check run as webserver
    check simulate the following captcha services
    Check deathbycaptcha

    Go back to MS

    hit check balance (by deathbycaptcha)

    should show 9.99

  • @Brumnick thanks I will give that a shot...shame you didnt tell me 10 minutes ago I just loaded my account with $80 lol
  • @Brumnick mate that worked like a charm...thats going to save me a tonne...thanks for the heads up.
    Thanks also to @Ozz

  • edited March 2013
    No worries, you will still need to use that $80 on all the recaptcha anyway!

  • edited April 2014
    Ok I have mine setup with the deathbycaptcha method above and it lists it has 9.99 and all when I test it, but I'm trying to use CB to solve the captcha when trying to create a outlook email with Magic Submitter but CB is just flat out reading the Captchas wrong any help why this is ? 

    Here is picture of captchas from MS CB was trying to solve for the outlook email -

    is it normal for it to be this wrong ? 

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