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Im on Vacation from 27th of July 2022 - 13th of August 2022

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as the topic suggests, Im on vacation with my family from 27th of July 2022 till 13th of August 2022.
I have no clue how the internet connection will be from where I travel, but I have high hopes to be online at least ones a day to check emails and this forum.
Though, I will not be able to do fancy updates during this time. I hope nothing bad happens that requires my attention since I really need this timeout as well now.

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  • Enjoy your holiday Sven!

    Everyone else - keep using the version of GSA software that currently works best for you, and don't update until after 13th Aug ;)
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  • @Sven enjoys the holidays and don't worry about the forum now, it's time to be with the family without distractions. ;)
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  • Have a great time, Sven! Hope you come back refreshed and happy!
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  • First post I see what joining the forum, and it actually shows that the community is active and vibrant. The fact the developer is informing people he will be on leave. Awesome first impression. So glad I bought these products again.
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  • Enjoy your vacations! Schönen Urlaub!
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  • Don't worry work can wait, have a good time!
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  • Hello dear @Sven, have a nice holiday and don't worry about anything. We will post our questions after the 13th of August.

    Have a good holiday :)
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  • AliTabAliTab
    Have rest and take care. These are what matters the most to the community :)
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  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Have a great time with your family and stay safe. Enjoy your vacation!

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  • I just saw this announcement, and have a great break!

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  • odinotodinot Earth's inner core
    Enjoy your vacation @Sven ! Have a good break!
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  • Have a wonderful one @Sven
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  • How was your break?
  • SvenSven
    It was great! We went to Jütland where we had a beautiful house near a great beach with barley and people seen. Just a beautiful place to relaxe (if kids would be behave).
    Also a great movie was shot here from my childhood.
    Anyway, thanks to all who kept doing support on forum while I was away! Best forum community ever! :)
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