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Trick to Skyrocket VPM

Like many of you here, I've been struggling to optimize GSA SER to get constant high VPMs.
I've bought lists from every available provider you can think of, ran a separate project for each of them and extract all Verified targets onto a single folder to be used on future projects.

However, even after running my projects based off of my compiled Verified list alone, I was still not getting the VPMs I was craving for. Constantly stuck at sub 70s.

And then I stumbled upon a gold find.
The secret is in the way you tell each project to pull the targets from.

DO NOT tick that box. DO NOT use urls from global site list.
Instead, what you want to do is IMPORT Target URLS directly into the project.

My VPM now is through the roof at over 900 VPMs (granted I have many URL Redirects, but before this I was at sub 70-140 VPM with the same setup).

I'm not sure why is GSA acting weird and lowering our VPM if we tell it to constantly pull from the global sitelist.


  • Hello,
    I have to test what you say and we'll see but I find it strange that it makes a difference?

    What is your server and where do you get it from?
  • 6 core 32gb hetzner dedicated.
  • its very good product sir
  • can you tell us about your setting to have 900 vpm ?

    How many projects do you run at the same time etc etc.
    I like your story can you tell us more about it?
  • Site lists are useful for when you have many projects that want to pull from the same target urls, but it's always more efficient to just import your target urls directly into a project.
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