Benefits of using multiple emails per projects

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What are the benefits of using multiple emails per projects ?

Instead of using one per project and change it regularly.


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    It means you can register more accounts = more backlinks
  • less footprints
  • @seagul So if i have enough verified to use 1 domain per backlink, using multiple emails will only increase the verification process ?

    @Ozz I don't see any footprint issues, google can't guess the email address. And for akismet or sfs i'm not concerned because i don't use BC/forums.

    A master list of emails in general options where projects pull one random email would be awesome !
  • I don't understand your question sorry?
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    The reason is blacklisting.  If your email gets blacklisted, there are other emails in the system.
  • "n't use BC/forums."

    than its not needed... stick to one, done.
  • @seagul I try to understand this new email feature in SER, until last month we had no choice of using 1 email (or catchall).
    Some people fill 1k emails in the list, personaly i use 10 and i don't see any benefits over only one email and the verification process is longer, that's why i ask other peoples views.

    @Brandon Blacklisted by who ?
  • In my opiniom, more emails means more blogs or web2.0 cause u cant make 2 accs with 1 email on many cases. Simple :)

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