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Why do I get about 55% success on every project?

dannynkemdannynkem London
edited February 2022 in GSA Website Contact
I had about 800k contacts, I'm using GSA Captcha Breaker and 80-90 Private Proxies
I was getting about 70-80% success.
Then I got more lists of contacts totaling about 5.5 million (plus mine)
But since I got these new lists (which I broke into lists of 300k for easy sending), I noticed something new - 
When I send projects, I never get more than 55% success. 
I reduced the lists to 150k lists, and it's still the same

Here is my observation - the project runs normally until about 54%, then it starts throwing up all sorts of error messages meaning failed delivery. From 54% to 100% of the projects, I will only get about 1% success. So the 99% of the success I get happens between 1-54% of the projects. This happens on ALL the projects, meaning something is wrong.

Any ideas?


  • Any help here?
  • looplineloopline
    Ive never heard of this.   you could backup your projects and try and reinstall website contact and then restore the projects. 

    what exactly are the error messages?

    Maybe a screenshot would give a clue
  • I checked the log, and here are the error messages:

    busy, please wait... 
    Captcha Error: image data was not correct    (about 30-40%)
    Captcha Error: Recaptcha: unable+to+solve  (about 20-30%)
    Captcha Error: unable+to+solve                     (about 10-15%)
    HTTP-Error: 404
    Download failed (no content)
    Ready failed (no Contact-From found)
    Ready failed (Javascript [rptected)
    HTTP-Error: 500
    HTTP-Error: 412

    Any need to back up the projects? I can just go ahead and uninstall and reinstall it
  • I unistalled, restarted VPS and reinstalled the website contact, but nothing changed. Though I observed the remaining projects were still inside. Seems I will manually have to delete the folder after unistalling
  • looplineloopline
    It leaves project data so its not lost and then if you reisntall it picks that up.  It should work well without the backup, but I always backup because once I had all the projects deleted when I did an update.  It happens, its the nature of computers, so i backup to be safe.
  • I uninstalled it very well this time and reinstalled and everything was new.
    But the issues remain - ALL PROJECTS GET MAXIMUM OF 55% SUCCESS RATE.

  • looplineloopline
    Ive no idea. 

    If you reset the failed ones in a project and rerun the project, does it work then?  Just curious.
  • I set it to resend failed ones
    I didn't rerun them, just to try resending failed ones. And that happens when it gets to 100%, it then starts retrying them
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