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Churn And Burn in 2022

Is this mythical strategy still working in 2022? or do you receive penalty before getting results? If it works please tell me. How long do you position?


  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    edited February 2022
    I've been building links direct to money site with this software for years. Never got any penalty from doing it. I wouldn't consider it churn and burn. As I don't churn the sites because they just rank. They don't get burnt.

    Here are a few screenshots of different projects I'm working on. Do they look like they are getting burnt to you?

  • sickseo Your numbers are incredible. You are certainly one of the most experienced members on the forum.
    I'm going to tell you what I have in mind so you can advise me if it's a good idea or not.
    I plan to create a quantity of 20 download sites (warez)
    I am going to burn these sites with direct contextual links from gsa but en masse (between about 3000 links in tier 1). The idea is to monetize this traffic with another technique.
    My concern is whether I'll be able to rate these sites with a CAB tactic before I'm sanctioned by Google. Since these sites are often removed from quick results due to copyright claims. For this reason I have to classify quickly and it is useless to do SEO that takes a long time to position and that is safe for Google algorithms.
    In theory what CAB offers is perfect, but I don't know if it works these days.
  • By which I mean "Churn and Burn SEO (Rank n' Bank)".
    It's building links quickly and en masse to qualify you fast, knowing you'll get a penalty.
    I know that with gsa correctly you will not receive penalties, but that takes time.
    I want to qualify fast, get paid and get sanctioned and start over. This is what the Churn and Burn (Rank n' Bank) method offers.
  • I'd suggest you start with one of these sites and start practicing with it before you get 20 of them. You need to see how long the blog stays up for before it gets taken down. New links will take between 4-6 weeks to be found and count towards your ranking. If your blog dies before this time frame, then you'll be wasting your time on the project. You won't bank before you rank.

    I understand the concept of using parasites for projects such as this. But if you plan a project to fail within such a short time frame, then it will likely fail.

    3000 links is not a lot and unlikely it will result in a penalty. I don't believe google will penalise themselves, considering blogger is google owned lol They will just delete your blog if they don't like it.

    Perhaps your time would be better spent on projects with a longer shelf life. If you understand SEO and can rank keywords at will, why would you waste all those skills and resources on churn and burn projects?
  • You'd be better off using your own network of T1 links (PBN) that point to your blogger sites. When the site gets taken down, you can replace it with a new one and update your T1 links with the new urls.

    Point gsa links at your T1 properties, as these will be permanent links that you control.

    Doing it this way, you can burn through as many blogger sites as you like. The T1 properties will get all the link juice, so nothing is lost or wasted when blogger suspend your blog.
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  • @sickseo can you answer few Q i have ?

    1 What GSA Engine You use For T1 and how many Links You build for a project as T1  and Article By spinning or Manual writing ? 
    As these Days i only can get 300-400 Unique Domain as Contextual Backlinks most are nofollow. 
    2 , How  many Links for T2 ?

  • On T1 it depends on what I'm doing. If it's a DA boost then I'll use article, blog comment, exploit, forum, microblog, social network, url shorteners, web 2.0 and wiki. Using just do follow, except on blog comments and url shorteners i'll do both do follow and no follow.

    If i'm runnning keyword anchor campaigns then I'll drop blog comments and url shorteners. 

    As for T1 link numbers, again it varies on the project I'm running. On a DA boost campaign with unique domains, I'll get 20k+ links per project with the above engine selection. Keyword anchor campaigns are different as I set it to make 20 accounts per site. A lot of submissions get blocked but I normally end up with 6k T1 links per project. Mostly do follow, I don't normally  use no follow.

    For content, I normally use kontent machine which seems ok for most niches. Not great content, but it's spun and it's unique and usually is optimised for my keywords. So it works. I've upgraded to using article forge and word ai together now which is excellent for any niche.

    There are not a lot of dofollow contextual backlinks. phpbio links, classipress, osclass, wpforo, bbpress, webboard, wordpress, xpress engine are the main ones for me. Sounds like you need to start scraping for new sites. Even forums have contextual do follows with keyword anchors like smf and datalife, so don't limit yourself to just article sites.

    I have maybe 1k domains in just article, but forums give contextual do follow links also and there are a lot of them out there.

    Don't just chase contextual links. Boosting authority is all about links from unique domains. Non contextuals are just as good as contextuals. It's the keyword in the anchor text or in the url that's important. Most of the platforms in the software do just this. Even url shorteners are a pretty big engine. I've got over 1700 unique google domains in my list, all url redirects. Over 15k url redirects from other sites. When you have access to this many sites, why would you chase just contextuals?

    As for T2, again it varies on the campaign I run and settings. My biggest template will make 2 million links in the T2/3 quite easily. I've seen one install go as high as 7 million urls with different settings lol That's with anything from 6k T1 links to 20k T1 links in the project. That's a lot of link juice being pushed down the tiers!
  • @sickseo what indexer service are you using now ? most of are not working and i wonder what are you using ? and what percentage you will get index your contextual or dofollow links ?

  • sickseo said:

    There are not a lot of dofollow contextual backlinks. phpbio links, classipress, osclass, wpforo, bbpress, webboard, wordpress, xpress engine are the main ones for me. Sounds like you need to start scraping for new sites. Even forums have contextual do follows with keyword anchors like smf and datalife, so don't limit yourself to just article sites.

    This help me a lot , now new domain adding with every scrape 
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  • @sickseo what indexer service are you using now ? most of are not working and i wonder what are you using ? and what percentage you will get index your contextual or dofollow links ?

    After being banned from my last service I ended up switching to Link Processor. It has api support for gsa ser. I'm using multiple 300k/day accounts with them. They do link crawling, link indexing and link pushing, completely automated. It's enough quota for me to send ALL my T1 links to them on auto.

    I've no idea about indexing numbers, I don't do index checks on any of my links. I run my strategies and check rankings instead. If rankings keep going up, then for me the set up is good. As a minimum, I just need google to crawl my backlinks and with this service, they do provide 100% link crawling from google. That's enough for me.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Hey @sickseo I’d be curious to see your ranking impact timelines if you were sending 7-9 million URLs to EI. 

    If you wanna test, let me know and I’ll set something up for you! 

  • Hey @Tim89 ,

    Appreciate the offer. Even if it did work, I'd need a ridiculous quota for each month. Every 3 days one install can make maximum 7 million urls, depending on the campaign I run. Normally it's 2-3 million. I'm running 68 installls for now and it goes up each time a new client signs up or I deploy more vps on my own projects. With link processor it's $34.95 per month per account. I'm running 6 accounts which more than covers just my T1 links.

    I don't think a service exists that would handle all the links I make. Not without paying serious bucks each month, which I'm not interested in doing. As my current set up works great. It was actually working great without any indexing service. Even with links not being indexed, rankings still go up. The volume of T2/3 links I make takes care of the indexing/crawling naturally.

    One of my clients is still subscribed to your service so I may run a test using his subscription on a project with 3 tiers. One of his installs already sends the T1 links to your service. But i've not set the T2/3 to send links as the quota would get rinsed in a few days. 
  • Tim89Tim89
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    Edit: Not sure why my initial post didn't use my entire paragraph.

    @sickseo you’re still pushing big numbers I see, lol. Even bigger ones nowadays, every year that passes, you've been increasing your output! :smiley:

    I recently upgraded servers for this issue, I have several clients that are currently pushing around 30 - 40 million URLs every 10 days or so, so this needed to be upgraded. At one point, we had to consider installing EI on individual dedi's for each client as their usage halted/lagged my current server haha, just a question, are you using a drip? As these clients are pushing things through with no drip at all.

    I'd be more than happy to set you up for a month if you'd like, to see if the server can handle it and also to see if it improves your ranking time-scales, that would be informative, it's up to you mate.
  • I think the last time we spoke all those years ago, I was running about 24 GSA servers and that was only on my own projects. Since taking on client work, things have changed drastcially and my output has tripled since then. Right now i'm putting plans in place to take it to 100 installs but that means training new people and building a team around me to manage the campaigns and servers. All round, quite challenging when doing it on your own.

    I stopped using drip feed, These days my goal is to publish content as quick as possible. The quicker it's published, the quicker it's found and hence the quicker the ranking results. I see the drip feed as a delay in ranking results. Drip feed 7 days = delay in rankings by 7 days. So my mindset has changed.

    If I budget for 1 million urls per day per install with 70 GSA than that would mean I'd need 1 million X 30 days X 70 vps = 210 million per month. What sort of monthly price would we be talking for that sort of volume each month?

    Let me run my own test first with my clients subscription and one of his projects. He's got about 3.5 million quota left so that should be enough to run an isolated test with one of my 3 tier pyramids

    On a side note, I tried signing up to your affiiate program as I wanted to put your service on my website, but had problems accessing it. I was sure I already had an account, but couldn't login with my usual email.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited February 2022
    @sickseo yes, I remember! 20ish installs from way back then, damn and people still say automated link building is dead! Pahaha.

    I think with the clients I have who are pushing those loads, must have the same idea as you, in terms of just pushing as much content out there as possible, fast, it does indeed make sense to me. 

    200 million links is a lot of links from one person haha, the clients I have pushing these types of numbers hit around the 100-150 million links a month roughly, so I would be intrigued to see how my backend handles your numbers on top of that. 

    I would firstly want to make sure you’re happy with the results in comparison to what you are using now so I’d be quite happy to give you an unlimited account for one month so you can see if there is a major difference. 

    In terms of pricing, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep it at something as ridiculously low as link processor to be honest, what’s the plan you’re on with them? Something like $40 for 7,000,000 credits or 300,000 a day? I don’t know how they could possibly do what they say they do with everyone’s links for that price especially the links they build to each of your links, that’s beyond me. 

    That’s strange, I’m sure as you said you already have an account, I will take a look now for you, I’ll PM you the details. That would be appreciated! 
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    edited February 2022
    Do you remember that experiment we did on that tumblr blog with payday loans keywords? We hit page 1 in a few days lol Then tumblr took the blog down. That was real churn and burn!

    How much for an unlimited account? lol That would be nuts.

    But seriously though, I'd be happy to try out a test with just one of my servers for a month. I'd feel bad using my entire network of vps for free, that's not fair on you.

    If I see a significant difference in my ranking increases then we'd have to discuss something that would work for you and still be affordable for me. If the results are visibly there, then yes, I would consider switching over to your service.

    Thanks mate
  • Tim89Tim89
    @sickseo leave it with me and I’ll set it up for you. 

    Of course, that was the little case study we did haha yep, within 24-48 hours it was bouncing all over the place on page 1. It was a shame tumbler took it down though as that was indeed churn and burn hahaha. 

    How about the van insurance comparison sites we did on your forum; that was also impressive too. 

    If you see a difference in performance, I’m sure we can sort something out. 
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  • Tim89Tim89
    @sickseo by the way, this past year I’ve been dabbling in display Ads. 

    Can be quite lucrative if you pair up automated link building techniques with keyword analysis for low hanging fruit at the masses. Some good EPMs. Your thoughts? 
  • I've not played with display ads. Any form of paid advertising for me is a big no no. They may be good for raising brand awareness, but for conversions, I'd expect them to have low clickthroughs and generate minimal to zero sales.

    I may be wrong. If you know how to run successful campaigns, then it may well turn out to be a profitable investment.

    Have you had much success with them in terms of generating a profit?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @sickseo I mean, have display ads on your money sites. Like Mediavine, Adthrive etc.
  • Oh my bad, I thought you meant paying to have ads on other sites lol

    I've not used any of those services. I do monetise my sites with banners from advertisers I work with and it does generate clicks/sales. But I've not looked at any of those networks.

    If you have content rich sites with pages of content targetting different keywords, I can see that working quite well. Like you said the long tails.
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    @sickseo thank you for being such infomative ! 
    can you please share how many of your projects use just money site, how many T1, T2, T3 ?
  • Hello @sickseo
    I read your comments above. thanks for sharing this information! very generous of you.

    regarding what you said: "Keyword anchor campaigns are different as I set it to make 20 accounts per site."
    can you please explain what you meant here? 20 accounts on which sites? 
  • sickseosickseo London,UK

    This will make 20 accounts on each site in your site list. This means one site will give you 20 backlinks as you'll get 1 link from each account you make.

    Or you could do this:

    20 posts and 20 accounts which means one site will give you 20 X 20 = 400 backlinks!!! Not all platforms support the reposting feature. It's really for contextual platforms or sites that support blogs such as wordpress article.
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    Can you give us feedback on your indexing test? @sickseo
  • Every comment of @sickseo is knowledge bomb. If you have any position for va let me know.
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