Web20 still no success

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i created a fresh new project only running with web20 module... using first try captcha sniper and after that deathbycapture... its finding absolutly no web20 sites... its really strange


  • OzzOzz
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    what if you create another fresh project and using web20 with DBC only.
    and because they have fixed URLs to post to there is nothing to find for SER with the exception of n****.l* (which uses a captcha on many site that is not supported by any captcha solver by now)
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    so should i exclude
  • i would do so for testing that project.
  • not really better... now it found 10 sites... thats all...
    the problem is gsa finds no targets
  • OzzOzz
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    >and because they have fixed URLs to post to there is nothing to find for SER
  • Which of web 2.0 site changed the urls?
  • "fixed" in sense of "it only has one url that never changes" and not in sense of "bug fixing"
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    I can't ever get that many to work in GSA either and I do manual captcha entry on them, that
    I always turn off because of their ridiculous captchas.

    I get 4 - 6 each time which area always pr0 sites. 
  • so it makes no sense to use web20, right?
    in 32 hours only 10 successfull sites :(
  • what does the log and/or debugger says? please keep in mind that you can only register once to each of that web20 platform without changing your email.
  • Just got 30 in a minute or so, no problems there. As Ozz says, and i have said before, what does the debug log say? Its in plain english.
  • most error in log is like that:
    [+]  matches engine fashionblogg.se - http://www.fashionblogg.se/
    [-]  registration failed (<p class="errormsg">) - http://www.bloggorama.se/?nav=subscribe&siteURL=www.fashionblogg.se

    or captcha problems
  • OzzOzz
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    @fanboosting: when you debug, please open the the created "debug-html" with double clicking the url in the debugger or open it manually in "\AppData\Roaming\GSA Search Engine Ranker\debug" with your browser.

    there is a good chance that this html-file show you the exact error for 
    <p class="errormsg"> 
    make a screenshot of the site and paste it to the forum.

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