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My HD keeps filling up every 3 days, 250GB of GSA-SER projects, WHY?

Hi I don't know if this is normal or not, I have a VM running GSA SER and every 3 days the hard drive is full, 0 bytes free, when I check whats taking space, it's the SER projects, and all my projects are stop because there is nowhere to save the data.

Is there a configuration setting I can put to make sure GSA SER doesn't take up so much space on every project?

This is happening on all my VMs running GSA SER

Please help

Thank you


  • By the way I am running 26 projects total, that is 13 projects and 13 tiers, VM has 12GB RAM, 250GB ssd, 2000 rotating proxies.
  • SvenSven
    I don't know your settings but I guess a lot of disk space is due to new targets being found? Check the project folder and what file is biggest here.
  • I have a list that updates every day automatically from a vendor, I am using GSA SER to create tier2 and tier3 for my RankerX backlinks. <----  RankerX Tier1(high quality) <---- GSA SER tier2 <---- GSA SER Tier3

    So I am creating about 1000 links per project every day, it's just crazy that it filled my HD in one day, this happened before but not this fast. I had time to look and then stop the projects before my HD was full, i was thinking something changed on the last update, maybe with the new wordpress updates to the app, now it creates more of them and thats why... but I am just guessing. Maybe it's something else, glitch on the way the files are written... who knows...

    I saw people posting here that they run 1000 projects at once, I can barely run 25 and my 250GB SSD gets full, I wanted to know if this is normal or not.

    IF anyone can help, or has had this experience let me know here 


  • AliTabAliTab
    Make sure "Run in debug mode" is not enabled at Global options -> Advanced
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