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Xevil Bad Sitekey For Recaptcha

Im usnig Xevil 5 for recaptcha, getting more then 50% Bad Sitekey error, talk with Xevil they said maybe my prxies are not good, talk with proxy provider ( asia virtual ) they said nothing wrong with proxies, as i also can see proxies are working, 
anybody can help me with ?



  • Bad Sitekey error because of recaptcha not working on those site , some time they haven't setup recaptcha properly also it can be due to proxy  , i am using  cold ipv6 proxy  working great for me. but sometime still get badsitekey . you may check here  (my affiliate link) or direct coldproxy 

    Thanked by 1Yamiraan
  • Hello,
    your proxies are good.
    This can also come from the list.
    If you use a bad list the errors are frequent.
    Look at the success with xevil logically you would not be far from 90/95% success.
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