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Blacklisted e-mails question

edited March 2013 in Need Help
Is there a way to check if all emails in all projects are blacklisted or not? Instead of going individually into each one to see if its blacklisted? Cheers.


  • SvenSven
    No, you have to dgo into the project one by one.
  • you can also download and try the blacklist email checker on Not sure if it works still with the latest email changes sven has implemented but give it a try, its free.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @theorbital - is it able to remove bad emails across multiple projects? As @insane has discovered you have to remove on a per project basis whereas maybe we can use a workaround? 
  • ronron
    edited March 2013

    @theorbital - It works on one spam forum, but not on the other because that forum changed their time between queries - so if you could tweak the wait time on that, it would work perfectly.

    @AlexR - It does not replace emails - it just let's you know which ones are bad.

    The bad ones will 99% of the time be limited to the projects where you use forum comments. I have had emails make the honeypot 2-3 times for social bookmarks in 9 months. I have never had it go bad on tier 1 projects.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Ron - you run around 100 projects, how do you update them and remove the bad ones to utilise Sven's new system? Do you manually go into each one? 
  • ronron

    Unfortunately I do it manually, but I think there are better methods to make life easier. Like breaking out the forums into separate projects and maybe only use them on one level.

    In the scheme of things, the forums only make up a fairly small % of my links, so I may ditch them, or just limit the # of projects that use them, or just say screw it which is my usual position.

    I think the bigger reason to have different mail accounts is so you can create more accounts - not because of some fear of the spam list.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @ron - if we had a macro that could import the hotmails from a single file into the various projects (like forums), we could open up 1 project, do a blacklist check and remove them from the 1 file and it would update to all projects that use that file...would open up a world of possibilities! 
  • +1 but i have read , that sven is against it, cause the email window is now a GUI and not more,
    i think, too, that the option to work with macros was besser in former time.... ;-)
  • edited March 2013
    @AlexR - I need to get you a copy of my new email tool I created. It will solve all of your email problems. You can use macros in SER and you will be able to check blacklisting and everything very easily. Once I get back from Cancun I'm going to release it to the GSA SER community as a "soft launch" No point in trying to support software while laying out on the beach :)

  • ronron
    Uploading a nice picture of the beach would be the humanitarian thing to do orbital. It was 5 degrees F with the wind chill yesterday.
  • ronron
    Ohhhh, that is so nice. =P~
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    edited March 2013
    @theorbital - how does it remove the blacklisted emails from 300 projects? 

    Not quite Cancun...but view from my temporary office. :-)

  • @alexr -that is sweet man!

    It gets all the project files and then gets all the emails then checks them and tells you which ones are blacklisted. That is the state of my current tool on

    My new tool account creator + will create the emails with the spam rule in place as well as forward them to your email of choice. So pretty much you have a main email everything gets forwarded to and then you just create how ever many emails you want fr a project. Drop them n spin tax format into SER and away you go. I'm going to release here in a few days to the GSA Community. The beta users are loving it !
  • @theorbital and @AlexR - Awesome pics! I'm at my home in the Philippines right now. Out my window all I see are chickens, goats and cows.
  • Does anyone ever check Catchall emails for blacklisting? Mine always show as clear when using the Blacklist Check button within SER.

    Is there a place to check if an entire domain is blacklisted from registrations?
  • OzzOzz
    edited March 2013
    what about your IPs? i guess they are blacklisted a couple of times.

    and what about email addresses that were actually used for registrations? i guess that some of those were blacklisted too whenever you created forum profiles.
    i don't know exactly, but i believe that SER checks only a randomly generated email addresses of your catchall. so chances are very small that one of those were used before and therefore are not blacklisted.
  • I was speaking about an entire domain that might be blacklisted. I'm not too worried about......but am curious to know if ALL emails under one domain can be blacklisted.
  • I to would like to know this I use the domain catch all also.
  • is it even possible to check for entire domains at SFS?

    when you enter "hotmail" in the searchbox at SFS than it shows you only emails like "" for instance.
  • @ozz Yes, you can find a csv with spammers domains here
  • @Ozz - right. I realize SFS is great for checking free email accounts already. Just curious about catchall emails/domains.

    @sawa73 - Thanks buddy....this is more of what I was looking for, but the list of domains includes emails such as,,, etc, etc so I don't really think I can go off this list.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    edited March 2013

    Just to do my normal dampening of the Stop Forum Spam email blacklist myth


    One example pulled from there of emails being caught time and time again

    The guys using these email addresses can only be added if they have been allowed to register and then the webmasters decide to report them

    And another one


  • the tool has been launched today and is live.
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