How many emails per projects ?

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I plan to switch from catchall emails to hotmail acounts since i had some catchall problems.

I bought 1000 oulook accounts.

How many do you recommend to use per project ? just one per project ? 10 ? more ?

And do you tick "wait 10 min between 2 logins" ?


  • I just noticed someone asked the same question before me
  • I use 1 Hotmail per project or 10 mailnesia per project.. I am not using Forum Posts and using manual BC so don't get hit by blacklists easily...
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    mailnesia will be banned on most places very quickly

    Soon as word goes around the different support forums, it will have a very limited shelf life for spamming

  • think the same as LeeG, mailnesia is too easy that it will be banned really quickly!

    what are you using bye the way, how many accounts per project? catchall?
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