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SER doesn't correctly recognize

Hi @Sven, long time no see,

I've got a little issue with SER. I've modified the wordpress Article engine. Not much just reduced the verification times a bit.
Since then SER somtimes recognizes a URL as Wodrpess Artilce - mod.

I've tried adding this to the Wordpress Article mod engine:
url must have5=!**

also added a couple of more page must have lines to the Wordpress XMLRPC lines. Now there are 7 in total and there are only 4 in the modded engine.

If I disable the modded engine and only leave the wordpress xmlrpc engine on then ser successfully posts to the url once it tries a couple of times.


  • fredjohn5fredjohn5 London, UK
    edited April 2021
    I also want to know . Anyway, i am having pretty good WordPress with a default gsa WordPress engine without any modification. ( i have no clue to modify neither lol )
  • SvenSven
    can you give me a sample URL + the modified engine? I assume it is first trying the normal wordpress engine and switched to the modded one on an error.
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