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Wordpress xmlrpc not correctly recognized

Hi @Sven,

I've got a modified wordpress article engine called "wordpress article - mod" and for some reason it's listed before the Wordpress xmlrpc engine in ser's engine list. I work with a custom site list that has wordpress sites and sites. For some reason it seems that ser recognized the site as wordpress site.
I've got two questions:
1. How can I make ser re-identify a site?
2. I guess SER simply goes through the engine list and since the modified wordpress engine is before the wordpress xmlrpc engine it thinks that it's a good enough match for that. How can I move the "wordpress article - mod" to the end of the engine list. I see that engines that have no custom icons are in one group and engines with custom icons are in another. How can I add custom icon to my modded engine?



  • SvenSven
    1. The identification happens when the URL is first loaded first.
    2. Thats done in the engine script. You control it with
    "page must have" lines. The more matches it gets, the higher it ranks. If you want to rank one script higher than the other, you simply duplicate the "page must have" line into "page must have 2=..." and "page must have3=...".
    Anyway, what mod did you add there? Is it worth adding to the default script?
  • OK, I'll try to modify it.
    Nothing serious just reduced the verification times from a day to an hour or so.
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