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Old versions?

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Hi, would it be possible to keep a repository of old versions for download?

The frequent updates are great but sometimes things get broken (and speed goes down, down, down)



  • Yes +1
  • edited March 2013
    A sticky thread with all the downloadable gsa version links users have volunteered would be great - and many of the new ones would be added to the thread by volunteers as time passes
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Why don't want one of your open a thread and list them in that post as they get released?
  • Or the developer could list them surely? Or have a roll back to previous version option. Just downloaded the latest update and it's b0rked! I've went from 800 threads to 5.
  • If you want to save the most recent update as soon as it's downloaded by the way browse to %temp% and the setup file will be there.
  • Why not do it yourself. Takes 2 seconds. Copy & rename. Then update. Save your last one you were happy with in a special place :) Stop bothering Sven with such trivial things
  • How can I get the last updates from ages ago? The ones that are really fast. Only Sven has them.

    You are missing the point of this thread friend.

    The frequent updates are too frequent and not tested. Having a list of old versions to download would stop the frustration of updating and finding out it is broken.

  • People have shared them in this forum. Check through threads a few weeks old. When you like a version, save it. Then if you aren't happy with a new update you can revert back. I'm not trying to criticise anyone but sometimes it's better to solve your own problems. Sven is very, very busy. His software is leading the way.....
  • Right, just go to your program folder and copy that .exe somewhere, thats all that is needed to roll back to any version. If you want to go back to other version just overwrite with your saved .exe

    I think Sven does not want to list all previous versions, support related. Understandable i think.. that said i am running on 5.26 currently ;)
  • Ah cool thanks for that. I didn't realise that GSA create an old version backup in the program files directory.

    Does anyone have 5.2X to share?

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