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No Links being submitted - Need advice


I'm new to GSA and have spent the last few weeks researching set up options. I have purchased a verified list of URLs, added private proxies, email addresses and spun articles. I have also updated the configuration/settings based on a few online guides I've found. 

I'm trying to run a campaign for tier 1 links on a test site. I've implemented what I believe to be the best set up, however, the settings might be too tight, as no links are being submitted. 

Are there common pitfalls or configurations that cause a project not to submit links? 

Thanks in advance!


  • SweetyManikaSweetyManika Addis Ababa

    Seems like you are new to the GSA  and I believe that you are referring to the SER. Sharing some of the screenshots of the set up will be useful for us to help you to improve your settings. However, as a new user, I do not recommend shooting a top tier campaign at the beginning as it can be harmful for you whole project. We are doing automated backlinks here so it would be best if you can start with a lower tier campaign and learn and be more friendlier with the software first. Then you can work your way to higher tiers. 

    We also have SEREngines here which you can use for web 2.0s in the future. Let us know if there's anything you would like to know.
  • gJuicygJuicy England
    Thanks for your reply. What config would be helpful for me to share? ... Global settings or project set up? 

    We're using SERverifiedlists low OBL list and no search engines checked. 
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    What engines do you have selected? I've used that site list recently, it's not great. Tons of non working sites in their lists.

    Although, you should still be able to get a few hundred verified links out of it. If you're getting zero submitted , then look in the logs when projects are running and see what the error messages are saying.

    At a guess, without looking at your set up, you don't have working sites for the engines you've selected. What are you using for captcha solving? Just captcha breaker?

    A screenshot of your options tab in gsa ser will be helpful and your engine selection.
  • gJuicygJuicy England
    Thanks for the response. 

    We've set up using the low OBL site list and followed the instructions provided by them to create a low OBL campaign. We have captcha breaker for 3 retries, then reverting to anti captcha for 3 tries. 

    I've attached 2 screenshots, let me know if it would be helpful to see anything else. Engines picked are based on checking all then using only those that use contextual links
  • KaineKaine
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    You can already uncheck Web2.0
    When is it about proxy and email?
    Show all options hiding sensitive information.
  • gJuicygJuicy England
    Hi Kaine, sorry I don't understand the question about proxy and email? 
  • KaineKaine
    I wanted to know what you are using, proxy / mail.
    Public / private, timeout, maximum page size that can be loaded ....
    Which email? have you sorted out the spam folder? ....
    There are a lot of settings, so we must all be able to see them  :)
  • gJuicygJuicy England
    Got you, thank you. 

    We're using private proxies, 10 per project. The same for email addresses, which we're testing weekly to make sure they're working and not blacklisted. 

    We're using 120 sec HTML timeout and maximum website size of 1MB. 

    I think the verified list we have been using hasn't been up to scratch, so we're going to update that and try and new proxy service too. 

    Appreciate your replies though! Any recommendations on good proxy services would be awesome!
  • KaineKaine
    Ok take this opportunity to increase the proxy expiration time to 180s.
    For the size of the site put 10 Mo.
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    I use Mexela dedicated proxies. Using the same 40 proxies in over 30 machines and they all run fast at 300 threads.
    I also noticed in your folders you have all folders to use ser verified lists. The verified folder should not be set to the location of your paid site list. It should be set to an empty folder, as this is where ser will write the newly verified links.
    Personally, I use the other 3 folders for different site lists and only run one project using identified, submitted and failed folders. Then all my other projects I set to only use the verified list. You'll see a massive increase in vpm, even with a poop site list.
    I suspect at the moment, all your projects are trying to build links off the same poop site list. I sacrifice just the one project to do that, whilst the other projects will work from the newly created verified folder, which contains only working links that my set up just created.
  • gJuicygJuicy England
    That makes a lot of sense. So, all verified links created from the different site lists go into a specific folder (say 'verified') and you use this list for new campaigns. Have I interpreted that correctly? 

    I'll check out Mexela today, thank you.
  • Yes, thats correct. Thats is how you maintain the high vpm and fast speeds. You  only sacrifice one project to test these purchased lists or even your own scraped lists.
  • gJuicygJuicy England
    Understood! How often do you rotate the site lists? Is it a case of sacrificing one campaign to extract the verified links for a certain time period, then move on to the next? 
  • Each month I'll change things round. Export the verified list and import it into the failed folder, deleting the verified link list to leave that folder empty again.
    The failed folder is where I store all my verified lists from previous months. Then I'll buy a new list(s) to test and those links will start building a new verified list. Plus one project will use the failed folder, which will put all those working links back into the verified folder again.
  • gJuicygJuicy England
    That's great advice, thank you. Final question (promise) ... around article spinning capabilities of GSA. Is it better to add 1 article with syntax to the article manager for a project OR spin the article first (e.g. 100 times) and add all the spun versions of the article to the article manager. 
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